Enjoy reading this exciting, steamy erotic short story by masterful writer Aurelie K. Jordan.

Erotic Motions – A Steamy Short Story

You sit there, sworn to keep your hands on your thighs, not moving.
I see your eyes burning as you watch me, wondering what I’ll do.
You cannot guess at my intent, but you know it’ll be worth your time.

I stand before you, in my black heels, red lace stockings grace my thighs.
The black and red teddy I wear skims the lace on my legs, teasingly.
My hair is down, long and wavy around my shoulder, sexily tousled.

Your mouth is slightly ajar, your gaze never straying from my form.
I move slightly, bending forward, and my cleavage draws your attention.
Your hand twitch slightly, but I know you wouldn’t dare disobey.

I run my fingers over my collarbone, dipping down between my breasts.
My hands dip down over my torso, sliding against my thighs.
I turn and bend forward letting you see my scantily-clad ass.

I hear a soft moan from your direction, your eyes are closed.
You are feeling the effects of my seduction, curling your fingers.
Nail marks grace your thighs with the effect of your submission.

I move closer to you, close enough that you can see my hard nipples.
I put a foot on the chair, between your legs, not touching you.
You look down, see the cherry red polish and the silver toe rings.

You breathe deep, trying to smell the scent of my arousal, needing.
I hear soft whimpers and your skin flushes with your embarrassment.
I have won this battle, gotten your complete and total surrender.

I inch my toes forward, your breath halts in your chest.
My foot caresses your inner thighs, teasing, moving closer.
Your cry fills the air as I slide my toes up the length of your cock.

“Beg me baby, and maybe, if you please me, you’ll get what you want.”
My words, low, seductive and whispered, assault his senses.
His head falls back, but he says nothing, he’s not ready to beg.

I stand back, move my foot away, hear his whimper at the loss.
I move away, back to him and slide the strap of the teddy of my shoulder.
The other strap follows and the teddy slides soundlessly to the floor.

The chair opposite you is padded with soft burgandy velvet.
I sit down, sliding my legs apart, showing you the view.
The wet silk of the red panties I am wearing is easily apparent.

I cup my breasts gently, lifting them and squeezing.
As I pinch my nipples, your eyes glaze, your moans loud and throaty.
I pull them, stretching them before letting go, leaving them hard, red.

Your fingers twitch, digging in deeper, your eyes closing, breath hitching.
I moan softly and your eyes fly open, finding my hands on my torso.
I dip my fingers under the silk, edging it down slowly, fingers seeking.

I throw my head back, hair tossed wildly, as my fingers find their spot.
You cannot see the motion, only the outline of my fingers, moving.
You cannot take your eyes away from my face, my look of ecstasy.

My cries are soft, fingers searching, twisting, pinching, and plunging.
You’re out of your mind with lust, your face contorted with it.
“Please, baby, please, not without me, let me bring you, taste it.”

I smile wickedly, a few more flicks of my fingers, so very close.
Then I relent, moving forward on the seat, lifting, removing the red silk.
Settling back, “Crawl to me and take what you want, make me scream.”



© 2008 Aurelie K. Jordan aka Erotic Goddess

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds