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I Know for a Fact by Spencer Ratcliff

I know for a fact the world is flat and the moon is made of cheese
That the CIA killed Luther King and that all the bees have knees
And when it comes to fairy tales I know them to be true
Like Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Cinderella too,
the Big Bang Theory’s just a lie, the Bible tells us so
The world was made in just six days… another fact I know

I know that global warming’s false, a giant bloody fib
I don’t believe in Satan and I know Eve comes from Adam’s rib
I know that Churchill never planned to ‘fight ‘em on the beaches’
And Charlie boy was joking with his ‘origin of the species’
I also know Descartes was wrong with “I think, therefore I am”
So those who don’t, just cannot be … do you think they give a dam.

It’s a fact they never got Bin Laden as they said
and that Hitler fled to Chile and pretended he was dead
That Eichmann wasn’t guilty when they put him up for trial
Six million jews, it wasn’t him…pure holocaust denial
That Mugabe is a gentleman who wouldn’t hurt a fly
That Nixon, Bush and Tony Blair would never tell a lie

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Generation Backwards by Harry J. Casseus

I’m scared for my generation.
We lack prudence, & bend on

Sour we are, we no longer water the roots to our fruitful aspirations.
How are we all stuck in this condiment of indignation.

I’m scared for my generation.
When walking down my own street I catch a bullet for my pigmentation.
And we scream black lives matter creating a tumultuous pattern
Like we’re not the ones doing the eliminating.

Women sleeping with men to fill spaces that have long been vacant.
Men sleeping with women whom they find better naked.
The redundancy order
Of a tireless occupation
We desire a quick fix
More than the desire to make it.

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