We thank everyone for their poetry submissions and are proud to present you with our new print and digital poetry magazine!
The NY Literary Magazine’s “WHISPERS” Anthology features a selection of outstanding poetry by international poets of all ages and nationalities.

In this Issue you’ll find heartfelt love poems; passionate erotic poems; poems about life, living and death; poems about different kinds of beloved ones; poems with a deep meaning; modern poems; a religious miracle poem; a Gay love poem; as well as beautiful, visual art.

The following talented poets are featured in this poetry collection:
Jennifer Criss, “YouoweYoupay”, Theo, Marjon van Bruggen, Dixie, Will Neill, Thomas Fitzgerald, Astharte de Los Santos, Teeya, Andrew Bedell, Katie Lynn, Ranscan, Joania Hernandez, Chellie, Joshua McNay, Laura Saint Martin and Hardeep Sabharwal.

The WHISPERS poetry magazine is available both as a print magazine and as a free-to-read digital magazine.

You can download the poetry magazine PDF here, read the Amazon Kindle edition, or buy the print magazine here.

Read our digital poetry magazine for free:

The NY Literary Magazine is seeking remarkable contemporary poems from gifted poets of any age, gender, and nationality. If you are a talented poet and would like to submit your poems for consideration in our magazine, please visit our poetry submission page.
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