We are excited to announce the publication of our latest poetry magazine! The NY Literary Magazine’s “AWAKE” anthology contains a selection of outstanding, modern poetry by both emerging and award-winning poets from around the world. Enjoy reading deep meaningful poems, poetic thoughts and memories, sad poems about loss, dark poems about life and death, important sociopolitical poems about society, love poems, and religious poems; along with beautiful art.

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The following poems are featured in this Poetry Magazine:

“The Womb Connect” by Puja Bhakoo
“Sister Blue” by Brenda Davis Harsham
“A Christmas Card” by Laura Rahill
“Worlds Later” by Laura Rahill
“Tick-Tock” by LaToya Ann Jackson Talley
“Fever” by Louisa Heno
“Unfit” by Ron Walker
“Scorpio Snake” by Robert Black
“Time” by Robert Black
“Dirty Laundry” by Bob Shakeshaft
“Darkness’ Morn” by Dana Cheer
“A Plea By Lamplight” by Nina Athena Radke
“Awake at Night” by Palma Mingozzi
“A Joke at Midnight” by Arnab Mukhopadhyay
“Ever” by Aracelly P. Campo
“My December” by Katie Lynn
“Sad December Moon” by Marjon van Bruggen
“Triptych” by Lorcán Black
“Drop Your Mask” by Maria Thompson Corley
“Ode to My Body” by Natalie Swain
“Different” by Rutendo C C
“Don’t Shoot” by Rutendo C C
“My God Loves Me” by Debra S Joseph
“A Christmas Poem” by Tony Sciarini


We thank all the gifted poets who submitted their work to our literary magazine!

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Some readers have asked us “What is an Anthology?” A poetry anthology is a poetry collection, or in other words a poetry book. You can read all our poetry anthologies here.