The NY Literary Magazine offers part-time virtual internships for students of literature and writing programs, marketing, social media, and graphic design.
You will gain valuable industry insight, experience and credentials working on our print and digital magazine issues.

We are currently offering the following internship opportunities:

  • Poetry Reader
  • Assistant Editor
  • Associate Editor
  • Social Media Manager
  • Associate Marketing Manager
  • Junior Graphic Designer

Interns (apart from poetry readers) are required to work a minimum of 15h/week for 3 weeks. You can work any days and times during the week.
If your work is satisfactory, you will be featured on our “Team” page and receive credit in the print and digital magazine issue which you worked on.

High school and college students are welcome to become poetry readers. As a poetry reader, you will read and analyze poetry and short story submissions, take notes, and recommend the best poems to our Editors.

As our Assistant Editor, you will be responsible for reading through poetry submissions, shortlisting the best poems for publication in our next editions, choosing poetry contest finalists, writing book reviews, and inviting leading authors to partake in interviews.

As our Associate Editor, you will be in charge of writing valuable articles for our online magazine which include industry updates, lists of top agents and publishers, self-publishing tips for writers and poets as well as other articles with useful advice for authors.

If your articles meet our publication needs and are published in our online magazine, you will be permanently featured as the author.
You can include your contacts in your author profile as well as a link to a CV or website so other potential employers can contact you.

Our Associate Editor will also be in charge of managing our social media accounts, posting writing quotes, updates about our latest publications, interesting industry news and inspirational stories about successful writers.

As our Associate Marketing Manager, you’ll learn valuable online marketing techniques and be responsible for marketing our magazine and contests online. You’ll also be in charge of finding talented artists and inviting them to submit their art to our magazine.

As our Junior Graphic Designer, you’ll help bring our publications to print. You are required to know how to use Adobe InDesign since that is where we design our magazine layouts. We are open to hearing any design suggestions you come up with and may incorporate them into our final magazine design.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please fill out the form below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you!

Internship Application

  • Please provide us with a brief summary about you. What your strengths, skills, and talents? What you are studying/have you studied? Which University/college did you attend? What your ambitions? Do you love writing and if so have you written anything? Have you been published anywhere yet?
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