Building your own home library but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas for stylish, quirky, and unique home libraries.

1. Logo Library

The Mind Knows Home Library

2. Versaille Inspired Library

Versailles Library

3. Minimalistic Library

The Clean Library

4. Backyard Library

garden library 2

5. Jungle Themed Library

Jungle Library Nook

6. Industrial Styled Library

Industrial Styled Library

7. The Blue Library

The Blue Library

8. Platform Library

9. The Gray Library

Gray Library

10. The Blue-Gray Reading Nook

The Blue Grey Reading Nook

11. The Posh Pink Attic Library

The Posh Pink Attic Library

12. Hidden Shelf Library

The Hidden Shelf Library

13. Shotgun Style Library

Shotgun Style Library

14. Greek Roman Style Library

Greek Roman Style Library

15. Open Ceiling Library

Open Ceiling library

16. Millenial Pink Library

Millenial Pink Library

17. The Single Wall Library

The Single Wall Library

18. Patterned Reading Nook

Patterned Reading Nook

19. Farmhouse Library

Farmhouse Library

20. Green Library

Green Library

21. Peachy Keen Reading Nook

Peachy Keen Reading Nook

22. Wavy Bookshelf Library

Wavy Bookshelf Library

23. Loft Library and Study

Loft Library and Study

24. Botanical Library

Botanical Library

25. Circular Library

Circular Library

26. Hole-in-the-Wall Library

Hole-in-the-Wall Library

27. Vintage Velvet Loft Library

Vintage Velvet Loft Library

28. Black and White Reading Nook

Black and White Reading Nook

29. Secret Passage Library

Secret Passage Library

30. Cabin Style Library

Cabin Library

31. Boho Attic Library

Boho Attic Library

32. Two-Story Library

2-Story Library

Which of these home libraries was your favorite?
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