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Equus by Redhors

The horse is
Beauty in motion,
A loyal partner,
An honest friend.

A portrait in disguise.
Manes like cascading water
Tails proud, silky banners
Coats shimmer in the morning sun
Muscles ripple beneath slick pelts.

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As Long as Forevers Don’t Cease

As Long as Forevers Don’t Cease

Something moves,
Beneath the vermilion shirt
I had flung onto the carpet

Your world is quiet
And time is inert…

You find your way out
Not knowingly
Blessing my hour with a smile

The morning kiss,
You insist on one cheek
I feel a purr
Welcoming and sleek
A polite melody
Since you cannot speak

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Ode to a Meadowlark by Rick Puetter

Ode to a meadowlark

Ah, rising sun, kiss morning’s dew
Chill breath of night away thou chase
A sprite from trees there yonder flew
But why flies he away in haste?
As I through meadows lonely pace

Crimson orb, paint sky with red
On fields, again, new day doth break
Yet from love’s loss my heart has bled
And Sorrow, joy of life does take
As o’er these fields my way I make

And I have suffered now so long

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