The NY Literary Magazine’s TEARS poetry anthology contains a collection of the finest dark poems of the year written by talented international poets of all ages. In this issue, you’ll find emotionally-stirring, deep, dark, and sad poetry about life and death, depression, mental illness, abuse, grief, suicide, violence, social injustice, murder, disease, and loss.

The following poets are featured in this poetry magazine:
Adefolami Ademola, Alan Balter, Andy Betz, Archeesha Sharma, Ashli Montagu, Beau Jeep, Bob Shakeshaft, Bruno Rodrigues, Christopher Maloney, Courtney Pederson, D.E. Navarro, Daginne Aignend, Danielle Gutierrez, David Ash, Dawn Marie, Deborah R. Majors, Diana Dinca, Eunice-Grace Misa Domingo, J.G. Gordon, Jasmine Boykins, Jim Miller, John Michael Tucker, Julia Cirignano, Katherine Stairs, Kim Cunningham, Lisa Smurl, Mahinour Tawfik, Megan McCullough, Michael A. Griffith, Neetu Malik, Ray L. Pfundt, Robert Hale, Robert Alan Scott, Rocco Marinelli, Ron Walker, Ruth Silvers, Ryan Tilley, Stephen Massimilla, Talisha Hopkins, Theresa Ryder, Tracy Lazarus, Valerie Lakehart, and Zoe Angela Blackmon.

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