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Listing new and notable literary agents and publishers for writers who want to get published.

20 Literary Agents Representing Fiction Authors

Do you want to get your awesome fiction novel published? The big traditional publishing houses do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions.

So if you're aiming to get your book published by one of the big publishing houses, you'll need to get a literary agent to represent you.

Here is a list of 20 top literary agents who represent fiction writers.

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25 Leading Literary Agents Who Represent Children’s Books

Seeking a literary agent to represent your children's book or picture book? Hoping to get your book published and perhaps even turned into a TV series? Check out our list of the 25 leading literary agents accepting children's books from both established and first-time authors.

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5 Top Fiction Publishers Accepting Unagented Manuscripts

Did you have a great fiction book you want to publish but no agent wants to represent you? Check out our list of the 5 top fiction book publishers now accepting unagented manuscripts!

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8 Leading Romance Publishers Accepting Manuscript Submissions

Are you ready to share your romance novel with the world? Check out our list of 8 leading traditional publishers accepting unsolicited, un-agented romance manuscript submissions now!

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List of Top Literary Agents and Publishers Accepting Poetry Submissions

Are you a talented poet hoping to get your poetry book published? Here is a useful list of the top literary agents who represent poetry books as well as publishers who accept unsolicited/unagented poetry book submissions from both emerging and established writers.

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The Top 10 Agent Pitch Slams and Pitching Events in 2017-2018

After completing a manuscript, you need to gain representation from a literary agent in order to get your book published.
This can be a challenging step for most writers.

Agent pitch slams and live pitching events are a great opportunity for writers to present their work to a selection of leading agents and editors for a chance to land a book publishing deal.

Here is a list of ten agent pitch slam fests we recommend for aspiring authors.

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12 Top Literary Agents Who Represent Mystery and Thriller Novels

Looking for literary agents who will represent your thriller, suspense, or mystery novel? Here are 12 leading literary agents who accept unsolicited manuscripts.

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How to Write a Great Query Letter: A Guide for First-Time Authors

If you’re a first-time author with a manuscript you’re excited to publish traditionally, you’re probably wondering how exactly that manuscript makes its way from your computer to print. The answer: through a literary agent. Since you’re an emerging author, the best way to find the right literary agent to represent you is through an amazing query letter.

Query letters are crucial in the publishing world. Frequently, an agent will request a query letter upon first contact with you. The main purpose of these letters? To convince an agent to read and pursue your work. The perfect query letter should tantalize an agent into requesting your full manuscript. Read More

10 Top NY Literary Agencies Accepting Submissions from First Time Authors

If you’re a first-time author hoping to get published, you’ll need to send your manuscript to literary agents. Most publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscripts, so the only way to get a publisher is through a literary agent. There are many literary agencies out there, some sell many books to publishers and some hardly sell any.
Since New York is the most important center for publishing in the United States, many authors prefer working with literary agents in NY.

Here is a list of the 10 top literary agencies in New York that accept unsolicited manuscripts from emerging, first-time authors.
Visit their website for more information about the agency and their agents, as well as submission guidelines and contact details.
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New Literary Agent: Amanda Jain of the Inklings Literary Agency

Amanda Jain is a new literary agent at the Inklings Literary Agency and actively building up her client list.
Inklings Literary Agency LLC is a full service, hands-on literary agency. The agency accepts unsolicited manuscript submissions from talented new writers, as well as from established authors. Inklings represent a broad range of commercial and literary fiction as well as memoirs and true crime.

Amanda earned her BA in English. She began her career working in the trade department at W.W. Norton.
After working at W.W Norton for seven years, Amanda left to Read More

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