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Erotic Motions by Aurelie K. Jordan

Enjoy reading this exciting, steamy erotic short story by masterful writer Aurelie K. Jordan.

Erotic Motions – A Steamy Short Story

You sit there, sworn to keep your hands on your thighs, not moving.
I see your eyes burning as you watch me, wondering what I’ll do.
You cannot guess at my intent, but you know it’ll be worth your time.

I stand before you, in my black heels, red lace stockings grace my thighs.
The black and red teddy I wear skims the lace on my legs, teasingly.
My hair is down, long and wavy around my shoulder, sexily tousled.

Your mouth is slightly ajar, your gaze never straying from my form.
I move slightly, bending forward, and my cleavage draws your attention.
Your hand twitch slightly, but I know you wouldn’t dare disobey.

I run my fingers over my collarbone, dipping down between my breasts.
My hands dip down over my torso, sliding against my thighs.
I turn and bend forward letting you see my scantily-clad ass.

I hear a soft moan from your direction, your eyes are closed. Read More

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