We’re led to believe it’s a big deal
Told what to think about the topic
Instructed on how to feel
Roses champagne candlelight
Music, suite in hotel room
Topped off with your recent groom

Brace yourself for
The first time won’t be great
But there’s always next month
When you ovulate

Honestly this act does not alter identity
You wouldn’t call an animal a whore?
So why is it when I have sex I’m impure?

Next time you label someone
As slut or prude
Remember that’s just outright rude

Virginity is a social construct just
We should not be ashamed of our lust

Ruth Elwood is an eighteen-year-old writer from Galway, Ireland. She will begin to study creative writing at the National University of Ireland Galway in September 2016. She has read several times at public readings, and her work has been featured in the popular blog Poethead and the Rose online magazine.

Amanda Graham

Amanda Graham

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Amanda holds an M.A. in History. She loves well-written poetry and romance novels. Amanda has 2 cats and a 3-year-old son.
Amanda Graham