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Awake at Night by Palma Mingozzi

How many chills
Spent in a restless night
They come and go
Between turns in light-stars
in the shaded dark

And how many thoughts on my mind
Papers thrown out in a basket and
How much nonsense exists in a sigh

How primitive is
Man at first rising in the early morning light
Celestine is the color of the sky today
And she smiles at the scent of coffee
Poured in a ceramic brown cup that steams vaporously

Today I am no longer attracted by the
Chasing after of a dream
For those who want it
They can go and get it

Today I am alone with my thoughts
In my silence
I have no worries
I am convinced that life is sincere
That death is accepted

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Fever by Louisa Heno

I’ve got a fever inside ready to break out
I’m angry at my thoughts and all my self-doubt
I’m angry at the people who doubted me, too
But that’s a tiny flame, it can barely reach through
The tunnels and chasms I’ve built around me
But it’s burning, I feel it, and I’m hopeful you’ll see
It well overboard in a simple, brave act
And I would be free
And there’d be no regret

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Ode To Music by Emily Bilman

Ode to Music

Like a village beacon lit for a celebration,
The mind’s halls are lit up, all by music.
Each note, sustained by that intuitive

Leap of faith, restores doubt with rock-strength
As the virtuoso hand trembles and resonates
On the chords of our innermost essence.

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Sands of Time by Tate Morgan

We meet many men of sorrow
oh much deeper than our own pain
Wisdom and strength they all borrow
washed by waters of life’s own rain

Each of us ponders life’s reason
looking deep within our own soul
We follow each path and season
that vainly we seek to control

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I Want To Know The Details Of Real Love by Eithne Reynolds

Yesterday out walking
The summer breeze a sigh
I met a girl out walking too
And as I passed her by,
I noticed on her t-shirt
In letters of black and red
‘I want to know the details of real love’
And so I stopped and said —
You want to know the details of real love?
Then let me tell you this —

Real love begins with a kiss
A touch
A word
A glance
A dance.

Real love begins with a text
A call
But that’s not all,
It’s reaching out
And falling into

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The Construct by Ruth Elwood

We’re led to believe it’s a big deal
Told what to think about the topic
Instructed on how to feel
Roses champagne candlelight
Music, suite in hotel room
Topped off with your recent groom

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I am by Tina Cox

I am the woman that husbands don’t like
The woman that wife’s will never invite
The one with the mouth, opinions, and brains
Who’ll never be asked round to their house again

The cause of divorce one way or another
Who’s always accused of being a lover
Causing a rift at parties or work

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The Overweight Me by Joshua McNay

When I look in the mirror, I hate what I see.
I’ve gotten so used to seeing the overweight me.
I start a new diet and it ends up on a shelf,
Like I’m trying to prevent seeing my skinnier self.

I need to get it under control, or I could die
So why is it I lack the motivation to even try?
I see all the problems, and what I’m doing wrong
So why is it I can’t change the song?

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