Can you sing one last time
For this weary soul?
Just to wrap her in love
Before she goes awol?

Tired of all these miseries
She seeks some solace,
Tormented with questions
She’s a hobo, now turned soul-less,

Wandering in the crowds
She searches for one single face,

A glimpse of those uncountable memories
That she lost in the void space

She never wished for you
But you came along as a gift,
Now you tell her
There is no chance for her shrift!

Dying a thousand deaths
She still lives for your smile,
Blinded by your ego
You left her to rot like a senile

Despite loving you the most
What was her crime?
Among all that you did for her
Will you sing her one last time?



Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds