As Long as Forevers Don’t Cease

Something moves,
Beneath the vermilion shirt
I had flung onto the carpet

Your world is quiet
And time is inert…

You find your way out
Not knowingly
Blessing my hour with a smile

The morning kiss,
You insist on one cheek
I feel a purr
Welcoming and sleek
A polite melody
Since you cannot speak

And a long glance
At the yellow bowl

The fur I gently groom,
Like the chaste snowfall
Preceding the briefest bloom
All withered in a memory

Your world is quiet,
And the moon is at rest…

I treasure your listening
To an aged aching chest
Even when you hear not
The calling of your name

In your eyes of ocean blue
Sunlight is lovelier,
And in mine
Flickers a subtle promise

I watch as you drift into sleep
Your sweet curled figure
Will not be mine to keep
The years will not linger,
And tomorrows shall sleep,

Sighing into nothings of celesta
Of no color, of no reek,
Gentle mist that bears
A dawn that shall never dare
Whine or Peek

Soundless with which
You are familiar
So that my warmth
Is for you to seek,

As long as forevers
Never tire or cease…

“This is a tribute to my 4 month old kitten, Munto. A few days ago I found out there might be a strong chance he is completely deaf. I was a little saddened to know, but I do not love him any less.”