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In Dreams by Brea Viragh

I dreamed of you.
Before we met I knew
That somehow, some way,
You were mine.

Through foggy, disjointed
Sleeping images
Your hand touched mine
And I felt the heat.

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As Long as Forevers Don’t Cease

As Long as Forevers Don’t Cease

Something moves,
Beneath the vermilion shirt
I had flung onto the carpet

Your world is quiet
And time is inert…

You find your way out
Not knowingly
Blessing my hour with a smile

The morning kiss,
You insist on one cheek
I feel a purr
Welcoming and sleek
A polite melody
Since you cannot speak

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I am by Tina Cox

I am the woman that husbands don’t like
The woman that wife’s will never invite
The one with the mouth, opinions, and brains
Who’ll never be asked round to their house again

The cause of divorce one way or another
Who’s always accused of being a lover
Causing a rift at parties or work

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Love and Dust by Hardeep Sabharwal

Nothing lasts, you said, gently tying,
The laces of your fashionable jogging shoes,
With a glistening in your eyes,
That put our love in the morgue,
As if love was a race just to win a medal,
My mouth was filled with the dust of your words,

Like a modern prep student, I nodded,
The April sky laughed,
The blossoming flower’s fragrance screamed,
In the most beautiful municipal park of city

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Stay by Katie Lynn

Every day is quickly passing,
Each one of them a blur,
But you are always on my mind,
Of that I am quite sure.

As surely as the wind will blow,
Each day will start anew,
As surely as the world will turn,
My thoughts will be of you.

How your eyes light up with laughter,
Warms deep within my soul,

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Days Gone By by Tate Morgan

Gentle the breeze that floats the air
across the years it moves my soul
Words so sweet, so gentle, and clear
melodies of love took their toll

A face from my past gazed at me
I had met these eyes once before
I recognized this sweet beauty
from far off to the distant door

Dropping by when I am weakest
lighting mysteries upon my breast

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Mermaid Waiting – Poem by Erotica Goddess

A powerful passionate poem.

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Little Angel by Katie Lynn

There’s a little angel sleeping,
In the clouds up above,
When I think of her soft, sweet face,
My heart so fills with love.

A little light glows brightly, still,
Nestled within her heart,
It’s fueled by all our memories,
Kindled right from the start.

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I Live For by Shannon McClary

I Live

For the night I fall asleep and awake with you on my mind
For the remnants of our first kiss on my lips
For the seconds minutes and hours
I hold you in my arms

I Live

For the moment, we intently look into each others’ eyes
Knowing it is the end of you and I

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Waiting in the Rain by Pewton Light

The thought of you brings tears to my eyes.
I still remember waiting in the rain.
We knew each other for so long,
Yet you and I were never meant to be.
I looked out for you, and watched over you,
And above all else, I cared.

Even though I didn’t tell you enough times, I always cared.
Perhaps you always saw it in my eyes.
Now I’ve blown my chance, and I’ll never get to tell you,
But you were worth waiting on in the rain.

Because all I ever wanted to be,

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