Meet me by the lemon drops……..
the tastiest to eat,
because your kisses are as sweet
as nectar.

We are lost in the field,
the tall flowers tickling my body
as I make my way down to the stream.

My dress flowing with the wind,
made from a curtain of silk
that I bought on my trip to the city.

Tonight the crisp air pierced me into excitement,
making it apparent that when I think of you
my body obeys.

I see you from afar,
as we approach we become as lovers
would in the presence of one another……..
shy but inquisitive.

You say nothing and hold out a flower
with a slight bow of the head.
We sneak off into our meeting place
because I would hate it if anybody knew what you can do to me.

Passion filled escapades, off into the sunrise we go.
As our bodies touch we feel
the electricity slowly transcend,
into the fog that our passion created.

You held me closely, never letting go.
Not once would you let me rest.
Not once would you break the hold you had over me.
We gave in……. our souls intertwined.

That moment I was surely woman and you were man…………
So meet me by the lemon drops………
the tastiest to eat, because the love I have for you,
is only for your eyes to see.

Astharte has been writing professionally for about seven years. She has three personal blogs one with her poetry, erotic stories and poems, the others with her short stories.
Astharte plans to go Indie and publish her books of short stories and erotica.

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