Gentle the breeze that floats the air
across the years it moves my soul
Words so sweet, so gentle, and clear
melodies of love took their toll

A face from my past gazed at me
I had met these eyes once before
I recognized this sweet beauty
from far off to the distant door

Dropping by when I am weakest
lighting mysteries upon my breast

Playing melodies of love’s heart
feeding the memories of my chest

I remember those laughing eyes
that had once stared back at me
No less the beauty decades since
in her face that child I could see

Aloof and careless with herself
walking high upon nature’s wine
She poured her beauty on my soul
no woman was ever so fine.

But oh the times of yesteryear
how they tasted divine like bliss
My mind awash in thoughts of her
longed for that first touch and kiss

Time seemed to have passed but moments
yet many years had seen much joy
At the time I felt most a man
I wished that I were still a boy


This poem was written to commemorate the day I ran into my childhood sweetheart at a party some 15 years later than I had last seen her as a child.
“At the time I was most a man I wished I were still a boy” – Tate

Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

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