I’ve waited on platforms
For trains that never arrived
Drank shots in cellar bars
On Tuesday nights
With in-betweeners
Who still believe in lady luck

I’ve walked along promenades
Been battered by the wind and the rain
Taken shelter in late night cafés
Drank coffee so strong
It made me shudder

I’ve read the beat poets so many times
But I never tire of the words
Of Ginsberg and Kerouak

I’ve watched black and white movies
Made long before I was a twinkle
In somebody’s eye

Sometimes, just sometimes
I wish I had been around in those days
When people still had manors
And there wasn’t so much hate in the world

I’ve dreamed a thousand dreams
And I’ve cried – God I’ve cried
Life is cruel sometimes

I’ve learnt how to read between the lines
Of the writing on the wall
I’ve always been myself
Made my own choices
Avoided jumping on bandwagons
And following the pack
Just to fit in

I am what I am
I’ve learn that
I’ve made mistakes
I could never deny that
But I’ve learnt from them
So it’s all good

I’ve lived; I’m not blessed with wealth
Far from it
But I have enough to get by
And I have friends
Good, amazing friends
So I do feel blessed

I’ve had epiphanies
I’ve seen the light several times
And I have learnt
Never become your mistakes

I’ve made the most of what I’ve got
I’m thankful for it
I’m grateful for every new day

Life is cruel sometimes
But it’s also good

I’ve watched the tide
I’ve listened to the crash of the waves
I’ve dived into the ocean
Felt it was over me

I’ve partied long into the night
And beyond until it got light
I’ve had a good life
When all is said and done
Yes, I’ve been knocked down
So far I’ve always got up again

You need to be able to beat your own demons
And rise above the moments of doubt

Enjoy every minute of pleasure
Or happiness that comes your way
And never forget the good things in life
Because life is cruel sometimes
But it can be amazing.

Photo by Larisa-K

Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Lara holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature. She's a native New Yorker, an after-school English tutor, and a bookworm.
Lara loves photography and horseback riding.
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