We sat in your car
Small talk had vanished
Into a desire filled silence
In which we didn’t know how to fill the void

I stared into your eyes
My heart pounding in my chest
Beating for your touch
Wanting to kiss your lips

You stared back at me
Breath heavy in your lungs
As your eyes close
And you moved your head to mine

And we kissed
So passionately my body melted in your arms
My soul came alive with the touch of your lips
Against my very own

Desire beat from my heart
Through my blood
And every cell in my body
Ignited with raw passion

Never could I get enough of that feeling
I know by the way you kissed me
That you felt it too
And in that instant, I realized I love you

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds