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hot poetry

And We Kissed by Chellie

We sat in your car
Small talk had vanished
Into a desire filled silence
In which we didn’t know how to fill the void

I stared into your eyes
My heart pounding in my chest
Beating for your touch
Wanting to kiss your lips

You stared back at me
Breath heavy in your lungs
As your eyes close
And you moved your head to mine

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Primal Poetry – Erotic Poem by Samantha Campbell

Speaking gifted expressions
in a lost language
spilling sex
and desire
You inspire me
to write for you

I rise to the divine condition
and elicit carnal positions

No longer thinking

Animal instincts take over

I never stop scratching
I leave as many marks
as climaxed urges

I’m a savage

I ravage



you make me
wanna eat you

A primal need

the tongue
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I Take You In by Frieda P

Follow me
              into this haven
       of serenity
feel my soul
           upon your lips
touch the breath
        of my fervor
escape with me
            to  surrender
       intoxicate my euphoria
             to release

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