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Her First Time – Erotic Poem by Deva Shore

Like magnets drawn together,
slowly, barely touching, warm breath over flesh.
His prolonging became unbearable,
her will weakening, her resolve diminishing.

Slowly, shyly, she opened herself a fraction to him.
He leaned in gently, caring, considerate at first,
not wanting to alarm or frighten, this her first time.

Then he became more insistent, more passionate.
She returned his ardor as he slipped in further,
wrestling together, slipping and sliding,
unrelenting, until she could stand no more.

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And We Kissed by Chellie

We sat in your car
Small talk had vanished
Into a desire filled silence
In which we didn’t know how to fill the void

I stared into your eyes
My heart pounding in my chest
Beating for your touch
Wanting to kiss your lips

You stared back at me
Breath heavy in your lungs
As your eyes close
And you moved your head to mine

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Insatiable Appetite by Astharte de los Santos

When my search began, I was quite timid.
Unsure of what I wanted, unsure of these feelings.
The appetite began to grow like a raging force
that blinded me with lust
until I could no more.

Until it led me into exploration,
all I wanted was to feel that sensation.
That titillating penetration
that can only come from that one creation.

Statuesque, build with muscles or slender physique
white, milk or dark chocolate, yes they’re all me.
This insatiable appetite can only be fed
by giving in to what my body says.

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Mutual Surrender – An Erotic Poem

I lust after the geometry of your being,
poised on top of me to explore,
like a birthday present waiting to be

u n w r a p p e d…

I pull you closer to me,
closer than the spaces of our kisses,
defying distance dividing the contours of our flesh

until we become
consumed with the fire void of chaste intentions,
slaves to the urgency of the moment

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Small Talk – A Spicy Erotic Poem

Small talk

Just friendly verse

The innocents of it all.

Underneath those

Casual words

Was a volcano of passion

Ready to erupt.

Triggered by

The brush of our arms…

Next thing you knew

Our lips were locked

In a fiery kiss.

It lasted

Twenty minutes

Every second

Pure heaven.

With an animalistic thrust

I pinned you

To the wall

My hand reached

Up your skirt

Letting your panties

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Moments in Time by Chellie

We sat in the warm beach sand
Basking in the sun
I sat between your legs
My back pressed against your chest

Your fingers caressed my leg lovingly
And you spoke softly in my ear
I turn to look you in the eyes
As you whisper adoringly, words of love

Our eyes meet in heady passion
And your hand goes to my neck
Bringing me in for a breathtaking kiss
That leaves my toes curling in the sand

We end the kiss with a small laugh
And you smile, dimples gracing your cheeks
I run my hand through your hair
Loving the way you lean into my touch

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RED by ShallimarRose

I sat blushed red
alone on the shelf
you had an open invitation
to take me at your leisure
to the most desired place
fingers pressed lightly
across alabaster whites
and rose petal pinks..
salacious words driven deep
through the middle,
…………..your favorite part ?
word by word you read my lips
line by line tracing my curves
feeling the fine grain of parchment
where our story lines crossed
exclamations came in high velocity

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Latin Legs by Erotica Goddess

Latin Legs

She shimmies past on heels that won’t end,
latin legs luring me closer and closer.

The music drifts throughout the club,
the sultry beat matching my heart’s tempo…
She slinks onto the floor, hands on her hips,
pouty lips beckoning to me from afar.

Wild beats and wicked movement,
begging and pleading without a word,
as I sit there, gaze riveted on you,
I cannot break the link between us,
and I don’t even want to.

Latin legs luring me to the end of the line,
as I stand and move closer,

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