My Womb was Your Home,
My Breath, Your Cue
My Flesh created
The Flesh that’s You

Soft like a Petal,
Gentle as a Feather
Fresh as The Early
Morning Dew

In my Arms,
You Grew each Day
In Your Birth,
I was Born Anew

Winds of Change
Gently blew
Years melted,
Seasons flew

From a Tiny Seed, You
Blossomed to a Flower
Far To an Alien Land
You Flew

Your Future Brims with
Promise and Hope
Wings of my Blessings
Cradle you

It bruises My Heart,
It severs my Soul
To live my Life
Away from You

Your Voice I Crave,
Your Smile I Yearn
Piecemeals Fail to make Up
For the Whole of You

A Memory Vault so Priceless
– Those Years with You
An Aching Oasis of Love
– my Heart keeps Turning to

Together we Laughed,
Together we Cried
Delved into Emotions
of Every Hue

In You, I find
Shreds of Me
In me, you’ll find
Fragments of You

You will Forever be
An Extension of Me
I will Forever be
A Mirror of You

Puja Bhakoo is an Ad Consultant, Creative Writer, Poetess, Social Commentator, Blogger, and Tapestry Artist.
She wrote this poem as a special gift for the 20th birthday of her daughter who studies abroad.

You can learn more about Puja at:

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