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parent poems

The Womb Connect by Puja Bhakoo

My Womb was Your Home,
My Breath, Your Cue
My Flesh created
The Flesh that’s You

Soft like a Petal,
Gentle as a Feather
Fresh as The Early
Morning Dew

In my Arms,
You Grew each Day
In Your Birth,
I was Born Anew

Winds of Change
Gently blew
Years melted,
Seasons flew

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The Ambivalent Mother by Teeya

And they became
who they were;
manifestations of the Creator,
tiny vessels of His presence
cultivated inside me,
within me,
conceived in my womb;

the fruits of me
nourished by
the fruit of me
before life
beyond my being
would become
their own

And they were
who they had become;
myself…my selves
fractions of me,
addends of we,
divided into wholes

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