In the darkness-
Of this sleepless night,
And in the midst
Of a slumbering world-

The sensation
as a ghost,
haunts me.

I’m alone. All Alone!

The light from the lamp
Assures me of its psyche,
It stared straight,
Cold and blinded, by the chiffon cover!

I saw my past
In its glowing eyes,
Love and pallor;
Snuffling breath-
And a moaning moon stood, high up in the sky!

With the first step
The second followed,
A dark stage-
With nothing to enact.
A doll
left behind; tied limbs and knotted speech!

Arnab Mukhopadhyay, is a graduate in English, and is now pursuing his post graduation course on the same subject. Being an inhabitant of the city of joy, Kolkata, he never can really perceive and relate the element of joy which is very much associated with the rich and classy people. But his eyes always searched for a crippled soul, cold and gray, and hungry and sick, begging for alms- and thus he tries to portray through his poem the helplessness of the city of joy.

Amanda Graham

Amanda Graham

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Amanda holds an M.A. in History. She loves well-written poetry and romance novels. Amanda has 2 cats and a 3-year-old son.
Amanda Graham