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love poetry

In Dreams by Brea Viragh

I dreamed of you.
Before we met I knew
That somehow, some way,
You were mine.

Through foggy, disjointed
Sleeping images
Your hand touched mine
And I felt the heat.

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Your Last by Rebecca Cherrington

I don’t mind I’m not your first kiss
but I want to be your last
I don’t care what’s happened before
the past is the past

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Sleeping on the Moon by Hazel MacMahon

You were the moon in the depths of the night and
I was the constellation you had spent your life
Raking the heavy, patterned sky for,
We both emitted the light
Needed to save one another,

I wanted to capture a moment of our time together,
Maybe a faint chuckle of yours,
Or a single teardrop that traced your cheek when
You said you must go home now
And I must seek a new adventure,

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Laura – Love Poem by Chris Whitehouse

As time slowly passes,
my mind seems to wonder,
is this the sunshine?
or lightening and thunder?

Is this the dream
or simply a phase?
From what I can see,
we have limited days.

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Sweet Chianti Lips by Fran Marie

She whispers softly
over sips of Chianti
in sunlight shadows
and he believes her
silver lined promises

He closes his eyes
wanting her words
to be true, yet he knew
she was only
being true to herself

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My December by Katie Lynn

My moving hand writes on and on,
No matter what I say,
I cannot bring him to erase,
That cold December day.

The day was sad and wearisome,
It chilled me to my core,
I’d known that something would go wrong,
Though I could not be sure.

I’d felt so tired and lonely, still,
My heart had ached for him,
Beneath the Christmas trim.

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Have I Given You A Season?

Have I Given You A Season?

Dedicated to: Aseel Kawash

Have I ever mentioned
The hot chocolate you invented?
Thick and a little sugary
Poured into the wrong cups
By the scatter of our weekly magazines

Have I ever told you
I’ve forgotten the orange-redness
Of my hair when I was younger?
I wish I’d chosen dye more wisely
Yet your drawings of me
Of the smile I attempted horribly
And the fiery, red curls
Made me feel less foolish

I always believed time would cease
At the blissful age of sixteen

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Dreamland Fantasy by Fran Marie

I saunter through a dreamland fantasy
in steamy waters of ecstacy
my heartbeat quickens
my pulse races

In an amber moon your face I see
A sudden rush of pleasure enchants me
as a soft night breeze gently flows
palm trees sway
a free spirit plays

In a midnight dream you call to me

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Roller Coaster by Beatrice Preti

Your love’s a roller coaster
It has its ups and downs
You build me to the highest peak
But then I plummet down

You twirl me through the loop-de-loops
So I can’t catch my breath
And when you freeze us upside down
I’m falling to my death

I never know what’s happening
Until we’re at the end
But when you say it’s over I find
I want to go again

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The Meeting Place by Astharte De Los Santos

Meet me by the lemon drops……..
the tastiest to eat,
because your kisses are as sweet
as nectar.

We are lost in the field,
the tall flowers tickling my body
as I make my way down to the stream.

My dress flowing with the wind,
made from a curtain of silk
that I bought on my trip to the city.

Tonight the crisp air pierced me into excitement,
making it apparent that when I think of you
my body obeys.

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Stay by Katie Lynn

Every day is quickly passing,
Each one of them a blur,
But you are always on my mind,
Of that I am quite sure.

As surely as the wind will blow,
Each day will start anew,
As surely as the world will turn,
My thoughts will be of you.

How your eyes light up with laughter,
Warms deep within my soul,

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Home by Grace Lee

His lips reminded me of a match,
the way they ignited something in me
when they collided with mine.
The way his fingertips reminded me
of a cold winter breeze

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Moments in Time by Chellie

We sat in the warm beach sand
Basking in the sun
I sat between your legs
My back pressed against your chest

Your fingers caressed my leg lovingly
And you spoke softly in my ear
I turn to look you in the eyes
As you whisper adoringly, words of love

Our eyes meet in heady passion
And your hand goes to my neck
Bringing me in for a breathtaking kiss
That leaves my toes curling in the sand

We end the kiss with a small laugh
And you smile, dimples gracing your cheeks
I run my hand through your hair
Loving the way you lean into my touch

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I Remember You by Coyote

I remember you.

The summer days were long.
The splendor of the blue skies and the bright sun.
Beckon us to the sea.

The heat of hot days.
Thaw our cold hearts.
The beauty of Monterey coastline.
Purify the sadness and losses of living.

I remember you.
Waiting for me on the sand.
You called me the laughing Poet.
A fugitive and faithful friend.

You were my sanctuary and imperfect Angel.

Your blue eyes would watch the waves dance on the shore for hours.
Allowing the Pacific Ocean to erode layers of disappointment away.

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I Live For by Shannon McClary

I Live

For the night I fall asleep and awake with you on my mind
For the remnants of our first kiss on my lips
For the seconds minutes and hours
I hold you in my arms

I Live

For the moment, we intently look into each others’ eyes
Knowing it is the end of you and I

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Boundless Love by Richard Puetter

‘Twas when we both were young
that spirits from above,
did seemingly
conspire with fate
to instigate our love.

And fleur Digitalis,
with petal sweet and rare,
did line the walk
with stately stalk
our pathway to prepare.

For in that flowered spring,
I first did know my heart,
then did my soul
on seeing you

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Dying to Love you by Teeya

I would breathe
if I could but
that would mean
letting you go.

So I hold a
gala for you
in the echoes
of my mouth.
As you dance
across my palate
I begin to savor
the sweetness of you,

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When Lightning Plays On the Keys of Your Sorrow by Neva Flores Smith

Forgive me when lightning plays on the keys of your sorrow
and there is no time for everything you say
to be laid here at my feet.
Still, know that I am here when your inner light
of wisdom catches dust on the frame of your heartbeat
and I will listen through your tears.

On those days when life feels like a flying bird,
do not feel sorry for reaching out
to enlightenment as your lover, please know,
that I understand your need.

There are miles of bedlam that I would love to turn into flowers
on those nights when your sea tumbles restlessly
and those dragons of madness make you burn

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Our Everlasting Love by ‘MandaBear’

Those piercing eyes looking at me with a greater intent.
Lustily calling out my name with silence.
Your body covered in beads of sweat just waiting to fall.
Calling out just wanting to be touched.

As the water dripped from your muscles the heat became more intense.
Passions were burning like the pits of fire on a cold winters night.
Glances were exchanged with a quick fluttering of the eyes.

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