When my search began, I was quite timid.
Unsure of what I wanted, unsure of these feelings.
The appetite began to grow like a raging force
that blinded me with lust
until I could no more.

Until it led me into exploration,
all I wanted was to feel that sensation.
That titillating penetration
that can only come from that one creation.

Statuesque, build with muscles or slender physique
white, milk or dark chocolate, yes they’re all me.
This insatiable appetite can only be fed
by giving in to what my body says.

With endless strokes of blissful passion,
treading softly would be my last reaction.
Diving in without no care,
with my emotions completely bare.

It’s a dare, as I stare upon the challenge at hand…….
Bulging and throbbing anticipating my glands.

The deepness of my voice can only bring you to land,
arriving gently in nirvana, yes your moment at last.
Let me tell you how I feel, when it’s feeling surreal.
Whispering dirty
little secrets, nothing being concealed.

Nothing being held back, all is being revealed
And I’m left with that taste in my mouth
…………….so I know it was real…………

Astharte has been writing professionally for about seven years. She has three personal blogs one with her poetry, erotic stories and poems, the others with her short stories.
Astharte plans to go Indie and publish her books of short stories and erotica.
You can Visit Astharte at:

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds