Congratulations to the gifted poets who won the NY Literary Magazine’s July 2016 Poetry Contest!
We thank everyone for their submissions and are excited to present you the talented winners!

Some of these poems have also been published in the August 2016 poetry Anthology along with a small selection of remarkable poetry we received.

You can read the for free our August 2016 digital poetry magazine, or buy the print magazine.

Winners of the Love and Heartbreak Poetry Category:
Will Neill won the Gold Medal for his poem Tender Is the Night
Astharte won the Silver Medal for her poem The Meeting Place
Thomas Fitzgerald won the Bronze Medal for his poem Moral Views

Winners of the Erotic Poetry Category:
Chellie won the Gold Medal for her poem Against the Wall

Winners of the Children’s Poetry Category:
Jennifer Criss won the Gold Medal for her poem Mr. Buckles

Winners of the Religious & Spiritual Poetry Category:
Spencer Ratcliff won the Gold Medal for his poem God, I Couldn’t Blame You

Winners of the Dark & Sad Poetry Category:

Theo won the Gold Medal for the poem No Longer
Dixie won the Silver Medal for her poem Find Me
Joania won the Bronze Medal for her poem Chemical Crutch

Winners of the Deep Meaning Poetry Category:
Kat McDonald won the Gold Medal for her poem For My Whale Brothers and Sisters
Joshua McNay won the Silver Medal for his poem Overweight Me

Winners of the Modern Poetry Category:
Ranscan won the Gold Medal for the poem Yours Is the Haunt


The winners may download their appropriate Award Seal below to post it on their website, blog etc.
All the poets who were published on our website and in our magazine are awarded the Finalist seal.

We thank Everyone for their submissions!

Please do not feel disheartened if you did not win, or were not selected to be published this month.
It may be that due to the overwhelming amount of poetry submissions we receive that we did not manage to read your poem in time for this month’s poetry contest. If that is the case, you may still have a chance to win next month’s poetry contest.

Please feel free to enter a different poem into our August 2016 poetry contest!

Always keep writing!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Elizabeth Harding

Elizabeth Harding

Editor-In-Chief at NY Literary Magazine
Elizabeth is our Editor-in-Chief who oversees all the aspects of our online and print publications, as well as managing our team.
She has the final say over what gets published in the magazine and who wins the poetry contests.
Elizabeth Harding