Do you feel uninspired writing alone at home? Struggling to overcome that annoying writer’s block?

A great way to get the creative juices flowing is to visit a beautiful location, relax and enjoy the nature, meet other like-minded creative writers, and receive feedback and guidance from writing experts.

Here is a list of the 13 top writing retreats for writers which take place in various inspirational locations around the world.

Lake view, Storyteller Within Retreat
Sacred Circle, Storyteller Within Retreat
Circle with a view, Storyteller Within Retreat

The Storyteller Within: Sacred Expression Women’s Retreat

About: This writing retreat aims to help women to find their own voices. Writers are given self-exploratory writing exercises and are encouraged to write personal stories. Women are prompted to get in touch with the landscape through yoga and meditation. They are also invited to participate in multiple writing circles on a daily basis.

In this writing retreat, participants can share their writing, receive feedback, and discuss ideas. Women are also encouraged to participate in nightly ceremonies that aim to help them reconnect with themselves.

Where: Lake Atitlan, Santa Cruz, Guatemala
When: August 12th-20th, 2017
Cost: $1,855-$2,195
Number of spots: 12

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Himalayan Writing Retreat

About: This organization offers two different writing retreats.
The “Writing Weekend+” focuses on teaching and guiding beginning writers how to discover their voice and become a great writer.
This retreat is hosted by Chetan Mahajan, a published author, and writing coach, and by Dr. Vandita Dubey, a psychologist, and author.

The “Writer’s Retreat” is a relaxing event for more experienced writers who are seeking inspiration. The focus of this retreat is to help writers complete their book.
This retreat is run by Chetan and Vandita, and also will feature Manu Joseph, an award-winning Indian author, and journalist.

Where: Himalayas, India
When: July 22-25; August 31st-September 3rd; October 1st-8th (Fall Writer’s Retreat); November 2nd-5th
Cost: Varies depending on dates and citizenship
Number of spots: The fall retreat is limited to 10 participants

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Writing Crime Retreat Poster, A Chapter Away
Miradoux Garden, A Chapter Away Retreat

A Chapter Away: Writing Crime

About: Are you an aspiring crime writer? This writing retreat is hosted by experts in the crime writing genre who will help aspiring crime writers advance their writing skills and get published.

An experienced forensic pathologist will be attending this event. This is a great opportunity for crime writers to ask an expert any questions they have and gain professional knowledge, understanding, and feedback in order to craft a more realistic story.

Crime writers will be invited to participate in writing classes run by authors Clare Mackintosh and Isabelle Grey. A Chapter Away is also bringing literary agent Shiela Crowley to advise writers on how to publish their book, making this a truly well-rounded experience for crime writers.

Where: The Miradoux House, Gers, France
When: September 17th-23rd
Cost: Approx. $1,599
Number of spots: 8

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Creative Revolution Writing Retreat: Pen. Paper. Paradise.

About: This is another great writing retreat for women. The retreat aims to get women to relax, learn, and above all, write. At the comfort of the private resort, writers will learn everything necessary to write a good book.

Writers will learn about developing a solid plot, character development, and how to weave in drama and emotions into their story.
In another writing workshop, experts will teach the writers how to effectively edit their first drafts.

This writing retreat is lead by Leah Shulman, an author, producer, and professor. Leah offers one on one counseling in both writing and pitching stories and even offers to help writers once the retreat is over, guaranteeing the support writers need to launch their career.

Where: Hotel Mango Rosa, Nicaragua
When: July 8th-15th
Cost: $4,800-$5,200
Number of spots: 12 total, but only 8 spots are available.

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Writing to Make a Difference Retreat
Writing, Writing to Make a Difference Retreat
View from the terrace, Writing to Make a Difference Retreat

Debra Moffitt: Writing to Make a Difference

About: This writing retreat aims to help writers use their ideas to inspire positive change.
Writers are encouraged to reflect on how their work can help make a difference.

The retreat is hosted by Debra Moffitt, an award-winning author, and college professor. Debra is fluent in Italian and French.
Her writing has been influenced by her travels, and she hopes that this retreat will do the same for others.

Where: Lake Annecy, French Alps
When: October 20th-22nd
Cost: $425-$475

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Hamlet’s Hideaway Writing Retreat

About: This retreat is located next to the Danish royal palace, and offers a personalized and unique experience with workshops tailored to the attendees’ needs. Writers will be taught and guided by authors Anja Klemp Vilgaard and Shawna Kenney.

Previous writing workshops have included topics such as pitching, research, fiction, journalism, and dialogue.
Denmark is rich with literary history, and writers will have the opportunity to travel to places such as the Royal Danish Library, Hamlet’s Castle, and the gravesite of Hans Christian Andersen.

Being surrounded by beautiful scenery and assisted by knowledgeable teachers will make this experience truly inspiring.

Where: Denmark
When: August 20th-26th
Cost: $2,500
Number of spots: 17

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Hamlet's Hideaway Retreat
Fredensborg Palace, Hamlet's Hideaway Retreat
Workshop room, Hamlet's Hideaway Retreat
Cruising Writers Retreat
Writing on the beach, Cruising Writers Retreat
Royal Caribbean Cruise, Cruising Writers Retreat

Cruising Writers: Western Caribbean Writing Retreat Cruise

About: On this fun Royal Caribbean cruise, writers will learn to improve their writing, write, and have the opportunity to pitch their story.

The retreat features four speakers namely Lisa Corn, who is a story coach, and author, Angela Ackerman, author of five bestselling books, Michelle Grajkowski, president and literary agent at 3 Seas Literary Agency, and Deb Werksman, the editorial director at Sourcebooks Casablanca.

Writers will receive feedback from their teachers and participate in write-ins and readings.
This retreat gives writers valuable, personal time with the professionals and a chance to meet other like-minded writers.

Where: Docks in Cozumel, Mexico; Georgetown, Grand Cayman; Falmouth, Jamaica.
When: September 10th-17th
Cost: $1,750

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The Creativity Workshop

About: The Creativity Workshop is offering six retreats around the world from New York to Singapore.
These retreats will help writers improve their writing skills and find inspiration in the environment around them.

Each retreat offers various writing classes, combining other creative outlets such as drawing and photography to help writers find their muse.

The knowledgeable guest speakers and teachers will provide feedback and guidance to writers.

Where: Ireland; Iceland; New York; Singapore
When: July 12th-16th; July 21st-25th; August 11th-14th, October 20th-23rd; November 16th-18th
Cost: Varies depending on location

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Ossabaw Island Writers Retreat
Revision Workshop, Ossabaw Island Retreat
Ossabaw Island Retreat House

Ossabaw Island Writers’ Retreat

About: Over the course of this writing retreat, writers will work on their stories, attend seminars, and participate in evening readings.
The faculty for this fall retreat includes Lenore Hart (also writes under Elisabeth Graves), Harrison Scott Key, David Poyer, and Tony Morris, along with multiple guest speakers. The teachers are all writers who have had incredible success and know the industry well.
Writers will gain feedback on their work as well as valuable know-how about writing and publishing.

The Ossabaw Island is an inspirational, relaxing environment where many artists come to unwind and find their inner musings.

Where: Ossabaw Island, Georgia, USA
When: October 27th-29th
Cost: $1,095
Number of spots: 20

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Wide Open Writing Retreats

About: Wide Open Writing is offering two retreats this year.
These retreats feature morning, afternoon, and evening writings sessions, and are balanced with yoga and outdoor walks.

In both retreats, writers will find inspiration and encouragement. Wide Open Writing is founded and facilitated by writers Dulcie Whitman and Regina Tingle. Along with an on-site yoga instructor, Whitman and Tingle’s goal is to help writers relax, find inspiration and connect with their inner creativity.

Where: Borestone Mountain, Maine, USA; Tuscany, Italy
When: July 27th-31st; September 3rd-9th
Cost: $1,100; $2,5000

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Wide Open Writing Tuscany Retreat
Wide Open Writing Borestone Mountain Retreat
Monterey Writer Retreat
Monterey Writer Retreat Views

Monterey Writer Retreat

About: The beautiful coast of California has long been an inspirational location for writers.
In this writing event, attendees can share their goals and aspirations allowing their teachers to know exactly how to make the program best fit with their needs.

Paula Munier, Andrea Hurst, and Michael Neff will be the guest speakers at this writing retreat. Their experience in the fields of writing, editing, and publishing will be incredibly useful to writers.

Where: Monterey, California, USA
When: November 1st-5th
Cost: $1,095

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The Millay Colony for the Arts: Master Class Retreat

About: This retreat offers a master class on writing, as well as writing seminars, field trips, and other optional outings.

The master class will be conducted by Carole Maso. Other guest speakers include Jonny Diamond, editor-in-chief of Literary Hub, Naomi Huffman, a critic, and essayist, and Samita Sinha, a sound artist. A day at this retreat will also include writing workshops and manuscript reviews.

Where: Berkshire Foothills, New York, USA
When: July 29th-August 5th
Cost: $1,600

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May Workshop, Millay Colony Retreat
Millay Colony Retreat
Sights from the trip, Write, Travel, Transform Retreat
Write, Travel, Transform Retreat

Write, Travel, Transform

About: This retreat is focused on combining cultural experiences with writing.
There are daily writing workshops lead by Laura Davis, an author, and teacher. Laura has 20 years of experience writing in different genres. Her guidance will help writers sharpen their skills and receive the feedback they need.

Where: Machu Picchu, Peru
When: October 17th-31st
Cost: $5,300
Number of spots: 20 total but only 3 spots remain.

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