Free verse for a free nation!”, in cahoots with the Waterfront Barge Museum in Red hook, invite you to a public reading of Walt Whitman’s “Song of Myself” from Leaves of Grass.

Dozens of artistspoetswriters and vagabonds will read individual cantos as “a tonic against gobshites and a gilded age” – Thomas Lynch.

Join us to support the Waterfront Barge Museum, the ACLU, PEN America, the NEA and Sunny’s Bar, with a night of poetry, the sunset over the Brooklyn waterfront and Walt Whitman’s favorite snack.

This intimate reading will take place on Saturday May 20, 2017 on the historic Waterfront Barge Museum, at 290 Conover street in Red Hook, just like the barges that traveled the East River during Walt Whitman’s day.

The first reading will begin at 5:30PM with an intermission to watch the sun set over the Brooklyn waterfront.  After the reading an after party will take place at Sunny’s Bar.

With a suggested donation of $10, all proceeds will support the Waterfront Barge Museum, the ACLU, PEN America, the NEA, and Sunny’s Bar.

The reading is a celebration of the artistic spirit in a time where art and poetry matter more than ever.

Visit the Facebook Event Page.


Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

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Jennifer Lewis