What happened to you?
There was a time when you were an equivalent for freedom
Freedom to express whatever one believed
Showing respect for whatever one achieved.

By boat, by plane, or car taking route 66,
the land prospered due to a people’s mix.
It did not matter where one was born.
Now immigrants are greeted with shocking scorn,
tolerated to execute the dirty work in all visibility
but just not good enough to earn their legality.

Their integration is the backbone of a nation not its belly
They will clean up your mess even if it’s smelly
because they remember what it is to have no life
and will surely strive to be a worthy part of the hive

How is it possible that you arrange this change from
the libertine kind to the controlled mind
Please comprehend that every 4 years getting to vote for
the same people is not a choice, it is a joke!
Its sole purpose to anchor a top class devoted to the interests of
irresponsible banks and cold investors
if you really believe that your country should only
listen to the vocals of the locals
then be grateful that only a few centuries ago the natives
showed more respect for your ancestors

Elizabeth Harding

Elizabeth Harding

Editor-In-Chief at NY Literary Magazine
Elizabeth is our Editor-in-Chief who oversees all the aspects of our online and print publications, as well as managing our team.
She has the final say over what gets published in the magazine and who wins the poetry contests.
Elizabeth Harding