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A Shooting Star by Druppels aka Luc D’hertefelt

A shooting star
my soul is floating far
The ghosts, my mind created
were the brakes that I hated
It is not important where I am
but it is crucial who I am
It does not matter what I’ve seen
I was blind anyway

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Tantric Warrior Stance by Empirik

Something pulling worldwide attraction to one beauty
Man and Woman made together partaking in a heavenly parade
luminously walking along one’s own brigade, fully powered
Clearly connecting kinetically communicating through the cosmos

A fabric to weave in and out of the one mused most
Enveloped in a theory of strings and mindful news posts
Set up a series of lyrical hosts discovering the deepest cognitive coasts

Visually experiencing the tides of thought in the eyes mind and believing in
Sending messages of safe passage over seas
Weathering storms, disease and all liquid creatures swimming about
Destructive demonstrated dance dialect positioning translation

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The Devil by Rebecca Cherrington

You’re the poison running through my veins
You are the reason for all my pains
I have one taste and I just want more
I turn around and shut the door

It doesn’t matter who gets tricked
As long as you are my next fix!

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Ten Years by Damon Chambers

In the last ten years I have faced cancer and survived a stroke.
Let me be the one to tell you that your health is no joke.

In the last ten years I had a marriage end in divorce.

Keeping my family together at any cost wasn’t something I could force.

In the last ten years I found a new love more than a few times at that.
I learned once again relationships can quickly go flat.

In the last ten years I lost my mother way too early.

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Oh USA What Happened to You? Poem by Druppels

What happened to you?
There was a time when you were an equivalent for freedom
Freedom to express whatever one believed
Showing respect for whatever one achieved.

By boat, by plane, or car taking route 66,
the land prospered due to a people’s mix.
It did not matter where one was born.
Now immigrants are greeted with shocking scorn,
tolerated to execute the dirty work in all visibility
but just not good enough to earn their legality.

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The Scapegoats and The Truth, the Real Victims by Tom Higgins

I am sick and tired of this constant blaming
and targeting of the poor, the dispossessed,
the victims of the wars without end.
The deliberate shaming,
of those who cannot respond.

Some people are basically, lazy.
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