Ode to Music

Like a village beacon lit for a celebration,
The mind’s halls are lit up, all by music.
Each note, sustained by that intuitive

Leap of faith, restores doubt with rock-strength
As the virtuoso hand trembles and resonates
On the chords of our innermost essence.

Music is poetry’s architecture,
Each note streaming into the chamber
Whence the poet, like the lark, soars

Above the mind’s petty stones, above
Melancholy with music swirling from
His intimate core like a water-source.

Dr. Emily Bilman is London’s Poetry Society Stanza representative and hosts poetry meetings in her home in Geneva.  She earned her PhD from East Anglia University where she taught literature.

Her dissertation entitled, The Psychodynamics of Poetry, was published in 2010.
Modern Ekphrasis, dealing with the poetry-painting analogy from Plato to Derrida, was published by Peter Lang in 2013. Emily’s two poetry books, A Woman By A Well and Resilience, are published by Matador in England.

Emily’s poems have been published in The London Magazine, Battersea Review, The Linnet’s Wings, Lakeview Literary Journal, Orbis, Offshoots, Hunger Mountain, Ydgrasil, Iodine, The Inspired Heart Anthologies, Salzburg Poetry Review, BBC, Offshoots VII & XII, Orbis, Poetry Salzburg Review, Iodine, Aois 21, San Diego Poetry Annual in America, The Inspired Heart Vols. 1, 2, & 3, Ygdrasil, and www.ekphrastic.net in Canada.

She has given poetry readings in Geneva, France, Spain, England and the USA, and read her poems on the BBC.

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