Yesterday out walking
The summer breeze a sigh
I met a girl out walking too
And as I passed her by,
I noticed on her t-shirt
In letters of black and red
‘I want to know the details of real love’
And so I stopped and said —
You want to know the details of real love?
Then let me tell you this —

Real love begins with a kiss
A touch
A word
A glance
A dance.

Real love begins with a text
A call
But that’s not all,
It’s reaching out
And falling into

A world beyond
Which you cannot see
Anyone but him.

Real love begins with this —
And let me tell you, Miss
You’ll know it’s on its way,
When every day is
A good day
A happy day
And even rainy days
Are sunny days
When they’re taken up with him.

That’s what I wanted to say
But it never passed my lips
Because when I looked into her eyes
I saw only heartbreak and lies.
And so instead, I said,
You want to know the details of real love?
Well, let me tell you this —

Real love begins with you
And with loving you through and through.

Real love begins with knowing your soul
And the things that make you feel whole.

Real love begins with knowing your heart
And the joy that lies deep within.

Real love begins and ends with you,
It has nothing to do with him.

Eithne Reynolds lives in Dublin, Ireland. She writes poetry, short stories and flash fiction. Her poem was inspired by her work with young people, listening to their stories and their lived experience.

She was the recent Irish winner of The Fermoy International Poetry Competition; Placed 2nd in The North West Words Poetry Prize and short-listed for the Ó Bhéal Poetry Competition. Her work has been published in Gods and Monsters of Tomorrow anthology; The Galway Review anthology; Skylight 47 Literary Magazine; The Five Words anthology and The Blue Max Review 2014 anthology.

Eithne was long-listed for the Fish Poetry Competition 2013 and in 2015 was the featured poet on Dundalk Radio arts show, The Creative Flow and was placed 2nd in the Poet of the Year competition on The Creative Flow 2015

Her short stories have been published in The Bohemyth; Woman’s Way Magazine and Literary Orphans Swift Edition She was long-listed for the Doire Press 2nd Annual International Chapbook Competition 2013.

You can learn more about her at:

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Amanda Graham

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