I saunter through a dreamland fantasy
in steamy waters of ecstacy
my heartbeat quickens
my pulse races

In an amber moon your face I see
A sudden rush of pleasure enchants me
as a soft night breeze gently flows
palm trees sway
a free spirit plays

In a midnight dream you call to me

Shades of white mixes into desire
as a red-hot flame inside me glows
for I am woman
I need no reason
for my lust and love to show

I inhale the scent of your flesh
as I undress you from head to toe
for you are man
you need not understand
for this fantasy to grow

I sense the beauty in all its charm
I’m entranced by a wondrous dream
come wrap yourself around me
I’ll savor your every touch
loverman of my dreamland fantasy

Lara Wilson

Lara Wilson

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Lara holds a B.A. in Comparative Literature. She's a native New Yorker, an after-school English tutor, and a bookworm.
Lara loves photography and horseback riding.
Lara Wilson

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