Radiating with desire,
This hunger will not tire.
The heart knows all too well,
What the lips ache to tell.

The eyes begin to dance,
No more concern for romance.
A slight touch of the hand,
Weakness sets in and you cannot stand.

This passion yearns to be fed,
A tangled mess of naked flesh falls to the bed.
The nails claw and tear,
Hair and sweat are all you wear.

A beautiful release is what you seek,
Working harder to reach that peak.
Hidden fantasies are free to explore,
Intensity deepens and you cannot take any more.

A surge rushes from down below to up above,
Take a breath, you just made love.

“I have written poetry for as long as I can remember but have never tried to publish until now.
This poem was inspired by an ex-boyfriend. I remember how much I wanted to be with him and how amazing it felt when it happened.” – Megan