A shooting star
my soul is floating far
The ghosts, my mind created
were the brakes that I hated
It is not important where I am
but it is crucial who I am
It does not matter what I’ve seen
I was blind anyway

It does not matter where I’ve been
I did not want to stay
After a while I was surprised
about the distance I had traveledIt was nice to realize,
the anger I had leveled
I no longer look behind
to analyze every road’s dent
I am more curious to find
what lies after the next bend
When you crawl out of the brainless valley
you need to squeeze through a scary alley

Stop your aim for the top
break that habit, just appreciate the trip
So step by step I lost interest in the use of a map
Driving a nightgliding car
following a shooting star.

  (c) Copyright 2016 Druppels