Submit Your Short Story to the NY Literary Magazine

Have you written an exceptional short story? The NY Literary Magazine is now accepting unsolicited flash fiction, fiction, and non-fiction short story submissions. We invite both new, emerging writers and established international writers of all ages to submit their short stories to our literary magazine.

The NY Literary Magazine is searching for creative writers with a fresh, distinctive voice and a unique, captivating writing style. We seek remarkable stories that stand out from the rest and are enjoyable to read and memorable. Whether your short story is sad, touching, funny, or aimed at children, it must have a strong hook and a good story line.

Each writer may submit up to 5 short stories for free.

We are accepting short stories in the following genres:

  • Fantasy stories
  • General fiction short stories
  • Short stories for children including fairytales
  • Romance stories, love stories, and Erotica. Write a short love story either about a fictional love, share a story of your first or most memorable love, or tell a steamy erotic story with explicit, sexy details.
  • Horror stories
  • Fiction and non-fiction stories about life, living, and death. Tell a touching story about real life experiences, memorable moments, and disruptive, life-changing events.
  • Family stories. Share a story about a family member who passed away, a sweet childhood memory, a heart-warming story about a pet, or a special experience you had concerning yourself as a child or your family.
  • Sad, dark, touching stories.

Please visit this page for submission guidelines, and the short story online submission form.

About the NY Literary Magazine

The NY Literary Magazine publishes a selection of outstanding contemporary poetry and short stories by new writers, and internationally-recognized, award-winning writers of all ages from around the world. Our literary magazine is available both in print and as a free-to-read digital magazine. Read more about the NY Literary Magazine here.


Elizabeth Harding

Elizabeth Harding

Editor-In-Chief at NY Literary Magazine
Elizabeth is our Editor-in-Chief who oversees all the aspects of our online and print publications, as well as managing our team.
She has the final say over what gets published in the magazine and who wins the poetry contests.
Elizabeth Harding