The NY Literary Magazine publishes the finest literary achievements in modern poetry by both emerging and internationally-recognized, award-winning poets from around the world. We are searching for outstanding talent, a beautiful play of words, emotionally stirring poems that have deep meaning and will withstand the test of time.

We strive to highlight talent and bring to light gifted poets of all ages and nationalities.
Our poetry magazines and anthologies are available as free-to-read digital editions and in print.

We publish 3 print Issues a year; in April, August, and December.

At the end of each year, the NY Literary Magazine nominates 6 talented writers (who were published in our magazine or poetry collections during that year) for the prestigious PushCart Prize, which is the most honored literary project in America.

The NY Literary Magazine also runs poetry competitions and writing contests.

If you have written an outstanding poem or short story send it to us for consideration.

Talented artists seeking exposure are welcome to submit their paintings or digital artwork to our magazine via this page.


Notable Contributors

Dr. Emily Bilman is an eminent, widely published poet, author of several poetry books, and the representative of the London Poetry Society Stanza.

Palma Mingozzi is a published author and president of the South Shore Artist Group, Staten Island New York.

Lorcán Black is a widely published poet and Editor in Chief at the Anomaly Literary Journal.

Deva Shore is an award-winning short story author, poet and children’s writer whose work has been published worldwide. Her ten-minute play titled, ‘Why Mummy,’ has been produced in Sydney, Australia. She has also been a feature writer with Burial Day Books in the US and Little Raven Publishing in Australia. Her book Secrets of the Tomb was written while completing her Diploma in Writing and Editing at Adult Education Centre in Melbourne, and published with World Castle Publishing in 2015.

Spencer Ratcliff is a retired journalist and award-winning poet.

Robert Black is a New Zealand author of The Fake Celebrity in China, Cusala, The Control Sickness, and many other short stories and poems.

Jennifer Criss works at the Ball State University, is a widely published poet, and an Editorial Assistant for the Indiana Voice Journal.

Maria Thompson Corley is a Canadian pianist (MM, DMA, The Juilliard School), college professor, private piano instructor, composer, arranger and voice actor. She has contributed to Broad Street Review since 2008, and also blogs for Huffington Post. Her first novel, Choices, was published by Kensington.

Lana Bella is a widely published poet, a Pushcart nominee, and the author of two chapbooks.

Eithne Reynolds is an award-winning, widely published poet.

Soodabeh Saeidnia is a published Persian poet who lives in NYC. She got her Pharm D and Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada).


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