Are you an aspiring author hoping to get published? All the big, important publishers do not accept unsolicited manuscript submissions. In order to send your manuscript to any of the big publishing houses you’ll first need to get a literary agent.

Literary agents are invaluable experts in the publishing industry. Not only will they help you sell your manuscript to a publishing house, they’ll also handle contract negotiations, offer guidance and suggestions, and use their knowledge of the industry to find a reputable editor for your novel.

The following twelve literary agents represent thriller, suspense and mystery novels, among others.

These literary agents are listed as the leading book agents working at some of the top literary agencies.
If these agents do not show any interest in your novel, we recommend checking out other less famous literary agents who also represent thriller, suspense and mystery novels.

If this is your first time submitting your manuscript to a literary agent, we suggest reading our article on how to write a successful query letter.

Good luck querying!


  1. Erin Harris, Folio Literary Management

Erin HarrisAbout: Erin represents both speculative and contemporary Young Adult novels and gravitates toward novels that exhibit diversity, unique world-building, magical realism, and/or suspense that can keep her on the edge of her seat—especially if the protagonist is a strong woman. She works with both debut and established authors and fosters long-term professional partnerships with her clients.

How to submit:
Send your query letter and opening 10 pages to


  1. Marcy Posner, Folio Literary Management

Marcy PosnerAbout: Marcy spent fifteen years on the editorial side of publishing before becoming an literary agent, making her an expert on all sides of the industry. She represents mystery novels and thrillers with international settings, among other categories.

How to submit: Submit queries with a synopsis and the first fifty pages of your manuscript to


  1. Jeff Kleinman, Folio Literary Management

Jeff KleinmanAbout: Jeff is a founding partner at Folio Literary Management and has 18 years of experience. He is interested in character-driven books with unusual premises, in several categories, one being suspense/thriller. He isn’t looking for work that deals the present political climate or reflects disastrous and damaging topics.

How to submit: Email your query letter, cover letter, and the first page of your manuscript to


About Folio Literary Management

With over twenty agents, Folio Literary Management is well-versed in the publishing world and has represented award winners and NYT bestsellers. They believe that books can and do change lives, and that well-told stories make a difference in the world. Though a few agents work with thrillers and mystery novels, the Folio team also represents works of nonfiction, literary fiction, science fiction, and commercial fiction. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Dan Conaway, Writers House

Dan ConawayAbout: Dan has nine years of experience as a literary agent, specializing in crime fiction, suspense/thrillers, and mystery novels, among others.

How to submit: Send your query letter, synopsis, and a sample chapter or the first 10 pages of your manuscript to


  1. Daniel Lazar, Writers House

Daniel LazarAbout: Daniel has fifteen years of experience. He is a fan of fiction that introduces new worlds or reinvents ones that already exist. Contact him if your work can make him hold his breath or miss his subway stop.

How to submit: Send your query letter and the first 5 pages of your manuscript to


About Writers House Literary Agency

Being one of the largest literary agencies in the industry, Writers House has developed the careers of hundreds of authors and NYT bestselling writers. Many of their agents have been providing individual client attention for more than twenty years and have worked with notable authors such as Stephenie Meyer, John Green, and Neil Gaiman. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein, McIntosh & Otis Inc.

Elizabeth RubensteinAbout: Elizabeth is the President and senior literary agent at McIntosh & Otis, with experience in subsidiary rights. She has an interest in mystery and suspense novels among others. Her clients consist of NYT bestsellers and Agatha and Edgar Award winners and nominees.

How to submit: Send your query letter, synopsis, author bio, and the first three consecutive chapters (no more than 30 pages) of your manuscript to Find more information on their submissions page.


  1. Christa Heschke, McIntosh & Otis Inc.

Christa HeschkeAbout: Christa seeks YA and middle-grade novels in many genres, including thriller and mystery. Reach out to her if your work consists of unique settings and cultural influences, diverse characters, or sister or friendship-centric stories.

How to submit: Send your query letter, synopsis, author bio, and the first three consecutive chapters (no more than 30 pages) of your manuscript to Find more information on their submissions page.


About McIntosh & Otis Inc.

Agents at McIntosh & Otis represent adult and children’s fiction and nonfiction, as well as subsidiary rights for their clients. Many of their clients have gone on to be bestsellers, literary icons, Pulitzer Prize winners and National Book Award winners. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Stacey Donaghy, Donaghy Literary Group

Stacey DonaghyAbout: Stacey is interested in representing romantic suspense and psychological thrillers. She encourages stories that feature strong women, LGBTQ representation, and work related to culture and ethnicity.

How to submit: Click ‘submit a query’ underneath Stacey’s picture on her biography page and fill out the form. For more submission guidelines, visit their submissions page.


About Donaghy Literary Group

Specializing in commercial fiction, agents at Donaghy Literary Group seek middle grade, young adult, and new adult novels, including thriller and mystery novels. They provide full-service literary representation to clients at every stage of their writing career. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Shana Kelly, Einstein Literary Management

Shana KellyAbout: Shana has more than ten years of experience in the industry and is looking for novels with great writing and surprising plots. She has a soft spot for well-written thrillers and psychological suspense.

How to submit: Please submit a query letter and the first ten pages double-spaced of your manuscript to with Shana’s name in the subject line of your email. No attachments.

About Einstein Literary Management

Einstein Literary Management represents a broad range of literary and commercial fiction novels and works of nonfiction. Agents work with new and established writers to ensure their work reaches the widest audience possible. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Jen Marshall, Aevitas Creative Management

Jen MarshallAbout: Jen has worked with numerous award-winning and bestselling authors from Margaret Atwood to E. L. James. With nearly 20 years experience, she understands the publishing side of the industry as well as the public relations side. Jen is interested in books you’d recommend in a hot minute, inclusive of crime and thrillers.

How to submit: Please use the submission form under Jen’s name on Aevitas’ team page. Be prepared to post the first 50 pages of your manuscript and fabricate a one sentence summary of your work.

About Aevitas Creative Management

Aevitas Creative Management is a full-service literary agency and content development firm with more than twenty agents in four cities—New York, Boston, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. They represent award-winning authors and internationally renowned business, political, and cultural leaders, institutions, brands, and estates. Learn more about them on their website.


  1. Doreen Thistle, Corvisiero Agency

Doreen ThistleAbout: Doreen enjoys mysteries and thrillers, among others. She respects working intimately with writers and their dreams and is fascinated by people’s stories. It is an honor for her to participate in the crafting and selling of aspiring-work.

How to submit: Please attach a 1-2 page synopsis and the first 5 pages of your manuscript to the query email as separate Word .doc files. Send to and address Doreen in the subject line as follows — Attn: Doreen Thistle [Your Title]. Find more submission information here.


  1. Cate Hart, Corvisiero Agency

Cate HartAbout: Cate works with clients to build their platform, works on PR projects to help promote clients’ books, and reads manuscripts with an editorial eye. She is actively looking for Romantic Suspense, including FBI Agents, Special Law Divisions, and/or Cyber Crime. She encourages a caper or heist romance.

How to submit: Please send a query, 1-2 page synopsis and the first 5 pages of your manuscript in the body of your email to
Subject line as follows – Attn: Cate [Your Title].
Find more submission guidelines 

About Corvisiero Literary Agency

Agents at Corvisiero Literary Agency offer international literary representation and management services to fiction and nonfiction authors. Authors are encouraged to partner with professional and experienced agents who will value and guide them toward a successful career in publishing. Find more about them on their website.

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