The NY Literary Magazine is now accepting poetry submissions for our free to enter “Deep poems about life” competition!
We invite talented poets of any age and nationality to send us their meaningful life and death poems.

We’re seeking beautifully composed verses which portray deep emotions and bring across vivid feelings.
We’re accepting dark poems about life and living; cheerful, positive life poems; thought-provoking, philosophical poetry about the meaning of life; and deep, meaningful poems about life and death.

Contest starts: May 10th, 2017
Contest ends: December 10th, 2017
Winners will be announced on March 30th, 2018

Deep Poems about Life Contest

  • Please enter either your real name or your pen name.
  • Please enter your main email address. Make sure it is CORRECT, or else we won't be able to contact you!
    We will never send you unsolicited promotional emails, nor sell your email address to anyone.
  • At the bottom of your poem please add the standard copyright notice, including the date you created your poem and your name. Example: (c) Copyright 2016 Amanda Grey
  • Here's where you can write something about yourself. (This may be published alongside your poem.)
    When did you start writing? Have you won any awards or been published in any magazines? What kind of poetry do you mainly write? How long have you been writing? What inspired you to write this poem?
    If you are a young teen writer you can mention your age if you want, as well as anything else you wish to share about yourself.
  • (Optional) If you wish us to link to your website, Facebook, twitter or other social account / writer's account. Please enter no more than 3 links.





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