The Defining Decade is like having an excellent therapy session.
This book will help any confused twenty-year-old overcome issues they are struggling with, gain more self-confidence and find their path in life.
A recommended read!

“The future isn’t written in the stars. There are no guarantees. So claim your adulthood. Be intentional. Get to work. Pick your family. Do the math. Make your own certainty. Don’t be defined by what you didn’t know or didn’t do. You are deciding your life right now.”

These words sum up the main message of Dr. Meg Jay’s book, The Defining DecadeHer book, aimed at twenty-year-olds, is divided into three sections covering work, love, and the brain and body. Each section is filled with anecdotes from Dr. Jay’s clients, all twenty-year-olds who have struggled to overcome issues in all aspects of life.

The difference with her book as compared to others of similar genres, as Dr. Jay herself points out at the start of the book is that this book is truly aimed at twentysomethings.
No part is aimed at parents, and it truly is a conversation with twenty-year-olds trying to figure out the rest of their lives.

In simple terms, with easily relatable content, Dr. Jay effectively reaches twenty-year-olds and by the end of her book, readers will walk away with more confidence in themselves, and with a stronger sense of self-determination. Dr. Jay speaks to twenty-year-olds about the importance of making decisions and planning the rest of their lives.

This book is perhaps best suited for recent grads, but it can be applicable to anyone in their twenties.

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About the Author Dr. Meg Jay

Dr. Meg JayDr. Meg Jay is a clinical psychologist with a private practice in Virginia.
She has a doctorate in both Clinical Psychology and gender studies.
Her work and publications focus on adult development.
Meg has also written another book called Supernormal, sharing stories of resilience in youth.

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