Though you might envision yourself sequestered away from the rest of society in a mountain-view cabin as you hammer out the next Great American Novel on a vintage Underwood No. 5 typewriter, writing is not actually as solitary an activity as you might think.

These writing groups and clubs in NY will provide the support and community you didn’t know you needed.
Writing clubs are a great place to meet other writers with whom you can exchange ideas and suggestions, brainstorm together, get encouragement and support when you get rejected by agents, and swap reviews with other authors.

Here is a list of the top writing groups and clubs in New York.

Shut Up & Write!

This nationwide community knows the secret to writing: 4% talent, 6% knowledge and experience, 10% community and support, and 80% just showing up.

With 5,503 writers in the NYC chapter, Shut Up & Write! hosts weekly events for writers working in any genre to meet one another, talk about writing, and simply write. The group emphasizes that there will be no critiques, competition, or stress. What better way to meet your daily word-count goals than to work in an environment where the creative juices are overflowing?

Learn more at their website here and sign up to join here.


Writing Under the Influence

Speaking of low-stress, what goes together better than writing and wine? Created to epitomize the popular saying “write drunk, edit sober,” this group just formed in June and already has 60 members.

Come and participate in one of their weekly events where you will write, take part in creative exercises, share what you’re working on, and, of course, drink. Not 21 yet? No worries—they’ll provide kombucha or kava.

Join this free-spirited and fun group here.


Writing GroupNew York City Writers Critique Group

 One of the best perks of joining a writing community is having another set of eyes to look at your writing. This group of 1,810 writers gets right to business and hosts events to discuss craft and critique members’ pieces in the traditional workshop style.

This critique group is open to all genres of writing and all levels of experience. Monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Saturday of each month and informal socials are held on the 4th Saturday of each month.

Learn more and become a member here.


Brooklyn Speculative Fiction WritersBrooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers

Looking for more specialized feedback on your latest steampunk slasher story? This group implores writers to give them your horror, your fantasy, your science fiction yearning to breathe free.

With 303 current members, this group provides a more intimate gathering that will concentrate on critiquing work with constructive criticism. There are separate workshops for short fiction and novel-length works.

Learn more about the group here and become a member here.


Poetry TableThe Poetry Table

Feeling a bit left out as a poet? This one’s just for you. Founder and poet Rosalind Resnick opens her home every Tuesday evening for members to receive feedback on old poems and craft new, original poems on the spot that can later be published on their website.

This group of 746 poets focuses on creating a warm and supportive environment by establishing deep and lasting friendships (and it doesn’t hurt that food and drink are provided too).

Learn more about this modern-day “poetry salon” and join here.


International and Immigrant Writers (English)

If you’re looking for a global experience right in NYC, join this group of 157 international writers who are either from outside the US or writing stories based on life outside of the US. These writers hail from across the globe—from South America to the Middle East, Russia to the Philippines.

In their weekly meet and critiques, this group welcomes short story and novel writers, and nurtures writers of varying experience levels in both writing and the English language.

Learn more and join here.


NYC Laid-Back Writing GroupNYC Laid-Back Writing Group

If you’re a little nervous to join a writing group, this one is about as stress-free as it gets. Write and share whatever moves you in that moment. Members in the past have shared short stories and poems, but also diary entries, plays, erotica, horoscopes, wedding vows, even outlines—it’s a judgement-free zone.

This group has 1,149 members and meets every week or two at a volunteering member’s home. Members spend an hour writing and then are given the opportunity to share their work.

Learn more and become a member here.


Still searching for your super specialized niche? Look here for more writing groups.