Looking for ways to promote your free eBook or Kindle book? You’ve done the hard work of writing and self-publishing your work and now you need the world to see it. A highly used strategy to promoting e-books is spreading the Amazon sale page link to free and paid book promotion sites. With so many options for book promotion sites, it can seem like an overwhelming and time-consuming task. We’ve provided a list of the top free and paid book promotion sites.

Should you go for Free eBook promotion services or paid ones?

Before you begin your search it’s important to know the difference between free and paid book promotion sites and how they work to help you.

Free book promotion sites have built up a large social media account and are willing to do some free book promoting for you. All you have to do is submit your book information for a promotion, and they’ll get the information out to their readers.

So, why do it for free?

These free and paid book promotion sites will use their Amazon Associate link to point to your book.  That way, if someone clicks on it and downloads it, that site will get a percentage of anything that person ends up buying within 24 hours of clicking the link. Just in case you were ever wondering how Amazon Associate works, that’s it, folks. You win in all of this too, with all those clicks your book gets more views and downloads.

On the other side of that, paid promotion services either offer to send your book to other promo sites, which will save you time and energy or will offer your book to a premium group of readers.  In most cases, you’ll get a better quality output through these sites at a price.

Some of these ‘free Kindle books of the day’ platforms get a lot of submissions and need to schedule their newsletters. It is best to start promoting your free Kindle book or eBook to these sites at least a month before you’re planning to give it out for free.

Best Places to Promote Your Free Kindle Book

Top Free eBook Promotion Sites

Inkitt (Fiction only)

Inkitt lets you submit your fiction eBook, and bonus, they will offer you a publishing deal worth thousands of dollars. (Legitimate offer)
Inkitt only started publishing a few months ago and has already built quite the rapport.
Their promotions have so far helped 15 writers become bestselling authors.

At Inkitt, your book will go through a testing system. In the first stages of this process, your book will be tested to see if it hooked people in their initial reading, this will make clear the best way to market your work and show who the ideal target audience is. With this system, Inkitt gains essential knowledge about your book which allows them to tailor their approach to promoting your book to fit what will work best to get you a large following and readership. Definitely worth checking out.

E- Reader Love

This site accepts eBooks in many genres and allows you a specific opportunity to promote box sets.
eReaderLove.com is a top online resource for all things EBook and eReader. This service was originally started on Facebook in 2010, as a system to provide their readers with free Kindle books to read.
This service offers a larger scope of options to readers now, including ebooks and Amazon Kindle books.
eReaderLove.com is a great platform to get the word out about your book.

Indie Book of the Day

While this book promotion site is free, it does require a 3.5+ average review score on your book.
This website lists both free Kindle books as well as eBooks which are discounted up to 90%.
Indie Book of the Day is a user-driven platform with a focus on featuring the best indie authors.
Each day, they feature one awesome indie author’s book. It could be you!

E-Reader News Today

This site only accepts full-length Kindle books, and while there are no minimum requirements, reviews are taken into consideration. Ereader News Today has been providing top-notch free and bargain eBook deals to readers for 7 years.

Many of these eBooks have come from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors.
This service boasts being the longest running daily ebook newsletter in the industry.

Being a top service for so long has allowed them to develop relationships with thousands of authors, and have a huge variety of readers as well as some of the best deals available from major publishers.
With such a loyal following and such acclaimed works, this one is a great free book promotion service to try out.

Free Books

This service offers a special section for perma-free (permanently free) eBooks. So if your eBook is perma-free, it can have its own permanent listing page. This service doesn’t differ much, in the way of how they promote, from the others listed but the big kicker here is no time limit for promotions! If you plan to promote in multiple places, submit your book here.

This is Writing

On this website, you can set up an author page and a guest post allowing you to promote your own work. The website accepts eBooks in all popular genres.

They also interview some authors which can provide a great way to let readers get to know you. Creating a relationship with your readers will help them feel closer to you and your story. This service allows you to showcase the best part of your book. With their approach, readers not only get to know you as a writer but they get to figure out your writing style and connect with it.

Plus, this service really puts a focus on you as a writer to make sure you get more than just clicks out of the exchange.
Not only do they offer a promotion for your book, but they offer key tips and guides to help you become a better writer.

Ultimately we rank this as our favorite free eBook promotion service.

Books Daily

With this free book promotion service, a sample chapter is required. With their strategy, if the first chapter of your book interests readers it is more likely that you will get people who want to read the full book. They also offer advanced promotional opportunities such as allowing you to upload a video about your book.

Top Paid eBook & Kindle Book Promotion Services

Just Kindle Books

This one has a stellar newsletter and a large Facebook following. They promote mostly romance, erotic romance, mystery/thriller, urban fantasy, and women’s fiction. With Just Kindle Books you can track your clicks. They already have  25,000+ Facebook fans, as well as a thriving email subscription list, but most importantly, they have merged with eReader Nation, so any promotion you run with Just Kindle Books will be run with eReader Nation as well, for no additional charge.

Price range: $15 – $35.

Book Reader Magazine

With this service and $20, you are guaranteed a featured spot on the homepage for 7 days and you can submit an author interview for free. Book Reader Magazine has been providing discounted book promotion services for authors for several years and has connected thousands of readers with new authors in that time.

A featured promotion with Book Reader Magazine gets you exposure in a number of ways. Your book will get promoted on their Facebook page and sent out to everyone on their email subscriber list, plus you’ll have your book listed on the Book Reader Magazine’s homepage for a week.


This service has one of the biggest ranges of options and prices. HotZippy doesn’t use automated software to create and post your promotion. All posts are hand-crafted and checked for errors with the love and care your book deserves.

With HotZippy you can promote with multi-genre eBook sites or specifically target a fan base with one of their genre-specific sites.
HotZippy approves your promotion by the quality of your book, not by how long you’ve been around or by popularity. You can promote your book for up to a month here.

Price range: $23 – $330.

EBook Deal of the Day

With this service, you pay only $5 per marketplace promotion (Kindle, iTunes, NOOK, etc.) Ebook Deal of the Day’s mission is offering readers the best eBook deals, as well as connecting them directly to authors who are promoting giveaways.

If you choose a free book feature, your book will appear on their free book page, Facebook page, and Twitter.
Authors can submit one free book every fifteen days.
Paid book sponsorship will get you a feature on their website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

Price Range: Free or $5 -$10

Ignite Your Book 

This site offers one of the cheapest paid services and a clean and easy to work platform.
With this service, popular genre books have proven to do better than less popular genre books.

Ignite Your Book guarantees to promote your book and reach 35,000+ eBook lovers with their weekly newsletter and Twitter page.

This service will only accept eBooks that are currently available through Amazon, only allow books to be listed once, and your book can only be featured for a total of 14 days. You will also get their free ebook promotions guide with your submission.

Price: $.99 – $10

Books Butterfly

This stellar service offers a prorated refund if their declared download target is not met.
With Books Butterfly you will get downloads for your free Kindle books, and you will get paid for sales of your $0.99 books and $0.99 box sets.

With this service, you will only pay for actual results.
They claim you will reach approximately 50,000 Kindle Unlimited subscribers who will see your book and may be interested in reading it.

Price range: $50 – $500

Your Book Promoter

Your Book Promoter offers 3 months of promotion and a guaranteed number of Amazon book page visitors.  It is also the only service, that we found, to offer a 100% money back guarantee if your results don’t meet the promised outcome.

Your Book Promoter helps with all aspects of marketing including editing, branding, and promoting books. This includes personal feedback on what you need to change on your book page, and help to make those changes. They offer extended promotions on Facebook, and Twitter, with images and video readings, and by email.

They also provide a series of guided book marketing self-help steps when you become a member.
Your Book Promoter is also a partner member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and offers master class training for authors.

Price Range: $49 – $249


Now that you are armed with some of the best promotion tools, get out there and spread the word about your new eBook.
We wish you all the best success in your publishing journey!

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