is the first day of the rest of your life
Tomorrow is an adventure in the making
Yesterday is a memory of
a moment we cannot return to
Even if we wanted

What’s done is done
All we can do is learn to accept it and
move forward graciously

Time waits for no man
And no man achieves by waiting

is the first day
The first of many
And you will no doubt, be catapulted
into situations and scenarios

But please, stay calm
Worry is cancerous, a disease that invades us all
With the intention and ability of spreading rapidly
So slow down, take a breath

is the first day I have opened
my wings and tried to fly
It’s a chance to make amends for all
my failings, however small
To correct some wrongs
To put pen to parchment

Finally, I will get a chance to reveal
everything I have kept inside
Secrets and hidden truths that have threatened to
tear me apart

So where do I start?



Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds