Mr. Pimp is happy.
The writer is blogging
about the flavor of his morning coffee,
and a guy is dithering
over the type of tattoo that suits his forearm
while his girlfriend picks a new shade of purple
to dye her hair.

Mr. Pimp is very much at ease,
no doubt, joyful at the applause
that followed the hateful speech
of a political candidate
that bashed the immigrants.

Mr. Pimp celebrates that nobody
will rescue the slaves he keeps
amid the rage that bursts out of peoples’ mouths.

Successful Mr. Pimp
whose bank account is growing
at the expense of blood, tears and sweat
and the support of so many male customers.
He will sleep well tonight.

Everybody is convinced that it happens far away,
busy as they are,
leading productive lives.

Who will believe that it happens in the land of the Free?

Julia Hones’s poems and stories have appeared in various magazines and anthologies, both in print and online. Her works explore the challenges of being oneself, relationships, gender and ethnic bias, the interaction between humans and nature, the impact of technology, modern slavery and other subjects.

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