I’m scared for my generation.
We lack prudence, & bend on

Sour we are, we no longer water the roots to our fruitful aspirations.
How are we all stuck in this condiment of indignation.

I’m scared for my generation.
When walking down my own street I catch a bullet for my pigmentation.
And we scream black lives matter creating a tumultuous pattern
Like we’re not the ones doing the eliminating.

Women sleeping with men to fill spaces that have long been vacant.
Men sleeping with women whom they find better naked.
The redundancy order
Of a tireless occupation
We desire a quick fix
More than the desire to make it.

The indecency, & complacency
Brings no solace to me.
From the boys on my block to the cops
They all can be problems to me.

The drugs killing the kids
And kids killing the drugs
There’s a lost of love
Is it because they’re following tv?

I’m scared for my generation
But I pray to God there’s hope on the other side
And if he can’t reach them then may he give me his hand so I can touch their lives.

Maybe my dark past will illuminate
The hate they harbor inside.
And create a corruption, putrefaction in them that they lose their pride.

May doors open for them from the outside
And they find the wisdom to know it’s not just about us, but all lives.
We all matter.


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