Ode to a meadowlark

Ah, rising sun, kiss morning’s dew
Chill breath of night away thou chase
A sprite from trees there yonder flew
But why flies he away in haste?
As I through meadows lonely pace

Crimson orb, paint sky with red
On fields, again, new day doth break
Yet from love’s loss my heart has bled
And Sorrow, joy of life does take
As o’er these fields my way I make

And I have suffered now so long

For I have lost my love of years
And so near given up life’s song
And openly cried bitter tears
When life’s great gladness disappeared

But burst of color now does dash!
And heart’ning call of bird I hear
Bright yellow through my tears doth flash
And call so trill without a peer
Defeating grief, my soul does cheer

Now wind makes low, I strain to see
Where didst the merry fellow go?
Not in the sky, nor in the tree
There sounds again! Away and low
Another bird calls to its beau

Oh happy bird, I envy you!
You’ll find your love again, I know
You’ll have your love as day renews
To warm your heart when cold wind blows
And shield you from life’s winter snows

Yet still I cannot help but smile
This cheerful bird to his love sings
As I have stood here for this while
Enraptured song contentment brings
Oh, there he goes–he’s taking wing!