My hands sense nothing,
when I long to touch you
My arms, deprived of your curves
My eyes, blind to see your borders

I can’t hold you anymore
as the sun is a kidnapper,
a tormentor, who tears you apart

I will wait for the next rain,
If you say so
Farewell, my dear rainbow

Soodabeh Saeidnia lives in NYC but originally is Persian. She got her Pharm D and Ph.D. of Pharmacognosy and has worked as a researcher, assistant and associate professor in the Kyoto University (Japan), TUMS (Iran) and University of Saskatchewan (Canada).
She is interested in English literature and poetry and has published a collection of her poems “Words for myself” in Farsi. Her English poems have been published in various literary magazines and anthologies.

The first collection of her contemporary poems “Street of the Ginkgo Trees”, and also the newly released collection “Voice of Monarch Butterflies: Middle Eastern Anthology by Ten Poets from Ganges to Nile” are now available on Amazon.

Amanda Graham

Amanda Graham

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Amanda holds an M.A. in History. She loves well-written poetry and romance novels. Amanda has 2 cats and a 3-year-old son.
Amanda Graham