“Don’t move,” you tell me with an air of command.

My mind struggles, my arms above my head,

held there simply by the strength of my…well, his will.

I feel a soft breeze in through the window,

the dark scent of rain fills my mind, excites me.

I glance down my body, to see you at the foot of the bed,

you’ll appreciate the pale flesh and white silk panties

just as you requested, all else bare to your gaze.

At the look in your eyes, a strangled sound escapes my lips.

Your hands find my ankles, holding them like manacles,

the heat of your touch searing through my skin,

tightening places that you haven’t even touched yet.

You are so strong, I can feel your strength as you hold me,

your fingers tightening around my ankles, holding me as you’d have me,

your hands pulling my legs apart, farther and farther,

white silk panties bared to your gaze slowly,

and the scent of my need perfumes the air around us.

Your eyes go predatory black,

that look you get when you know…

you know that I am yours

and that nothing will stop you

from taking that which you desire…

Your hands slide up, over my calves, to my thighs,

fingers gently caressing flesh that’s overheating,

teasing and tempting as you move higher, higher,

just out of reach, just short of where I want you.

Whimpers fill the air and it takes me…

but a moment to realize…they are mine.

The wind picks up, outside the window,

rain pelts the roof, the window, the ground,

the storm being unleashed just outside.

I open my mouth to speak, to say please,

but you stop me, “Not a word.”

I chafe under the command, but I know, to my toes

that if I disobey, the promise in your eyes will go away,

and damn, I’d die if that happened tonight.

Your fingers caress the silky skin just below…

just short of the spot where I need you and

my body arches, of its own control

trying to get closer to your seeking fingers,

but fuck if you don’t have too much control.

The power rises within me, knowing what every woman knows…

I feel my body relax, feel my gaze darken,

turning to you, looking into your eyes,

writhing upon the bed…beckoning silently.

Now it is you who cannot resist, sliding up the bed,

taking my hands in yours, holding them firm to the bed

as your lips find mine…frantically, need assaults us both…

your other hand seeking, finding a nipple, pinching hard.

Thunder rumbles outside, making me jump,

your kiss hot on my lips as the room is lit

by lightning ripping across the night sky…

“You know what I want,” I whisper,

my lips close to your ear, my breath hot on your cheek.

 “I do.”

Two words, such implications, my mind overwhelmed,

waiting for you fulfill the promise that I feel in your body,

the hard curve of you pressed against my hip.

I feel my hands stretched and then they are cuffed,

soft leather encasing my wrists, held tight,

pinned to the bed posts with no possibility for escape,

but then, I wouldn’t really want to get away anyway.

Your hands slide down over my sides, tickling gently,

that simple touch with the power to bring desire to the surface.

Your lips press gently against my belly button,

then lower, peppering kisses as you went

finding just the right spots, before stopping, hesitating…

Then the rip of lace, thrown in a heap on the floor…


…for just a moment, long enough to make me cry out,

anticipating, but nothing I could anticipate

could compare with the reality of your teeth…

your lips…your tongue…losing control against me…

Against the most sensitive part of my body…

Your tongue crashes into me, plunging over and over

as waves of orgasm are torn from my body,

erupting from my lips in screams and sighs.

My hands clutch your hair, tight,

grinding my body high, against your mouth,

the taste of me filling your mouth,

flooding over your fingers, as you bring me,

again and again and again…

Another clap of thunder, loud and crashing,

fills the room, the scent of rain overwhelms,

an assault on already sensitive senses…

My body collapses against the bed,

spent, and yet…there is more to come,

more as your fingers separate my downy flesh

and your tongue teases ever so gently.

Exhausted and aroused…both at the same time.

As your teeth bite gently on that most sensitive nub,

endorphins rush, eliciting another wave of sensation,

another wave of energy, another wave of erotic surrender.

Again you bring me to the edge, again, just to the edge…

and then you rise up over me like a tsunami,

dangerous and beckoning, plunging down on me,

plundering my body and taking that which is ripe…

…ripe for the picking, that which I give freely.

The storm peaks outside as inside another storm rages.

Your body takes mine, control given over to you,

as you fill my body, all that length giving me so much

taking everything which I have offered to you,

and giving me so much, so much more…

more than I could ever have asked for, so much.

White lace lying in a heap on the bedroom floor…

© Copyright 2009 Aurelie K. Jordan

Sandra Reynolds

Sandra Reynolds

Editor at NY Literary Magazine
Sandra earned her B.A. in English. She works part-time as a freelance writer and proofreader. Sandra was born in Massachusetts and currently resides in NYC with her fiance and their adorable pug.
Sandra Reynolds