Why can’t we see that all war’s a waste
That a combat zone is a bastard of a place
And it really doesn’t matter which side you’re on
Because whatever your belief, war is just wrong

Why is it so hard to live with each other
We are all one, you’re my sister, my brother
When did we become so expendable and cheap
Why is life too hard to cherish and keep

What can possibly justify such loss and pain
It brings infinite carnage with bugger all gain
But for all of the lessons and all of the tears
We are still at it even after all these years

Yet, within the hearts of men shines a light
We could choose a better way and shine bright
The strong could help the weak, we could all get along
You see fighting’s such a waste, and it’s just plain wrong.

Elizabeth Harding

Elizabeth Harding

Editor-In-Chief at NY Literary Magazine
Elizabeth is our Editor-in-Chief who oversees all the aspects of our online and print publications, as well as managing our team.
She has the final say over what gets published in the magazine and who wins the poetry contests.
Elizabeth Harding